The Forgotten Door: Garage Doors

The Forgotten Door: Garage Doors

Homeowners are well aware of the curb appeal factor when selling or remodeling a home, but garage doors are rarely included in that equation. A front-entry garage door can take up almost 30 percent of the front elevation of a home and typically more for side- or rear-entry. Garage doors are some of the most visible and most used features of the home, yet they are often No. 1 in deferred maintenance.

Now is the time to add garage doors to your exterior home repairs checklist. Whether the paint is peeling or the door is dented, you need to determine whether the door can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. And those are just a few of the problems that can crop up.

A Common Garage Door Issue

“Typically the existing door is an older wood door; the bottom section begins to rot out due to weather and elements playing a factor in wear and tear,” says Scott Nevetral of Image Doors, a distributor for Carriage House Doors.

Why Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

Security A dented or worn garage door may not lock or close securely. The garage—unfortunately—is one of the main ways criminals gain entry to a home.

Value This is one of the first areas of the home a buyer will see when they drive up. Replacing or repairing garage doors now will make your home buyer-ready and increase curb appeal.

Repair/Replacement Options

Many companies can beautify existing garage doors with new hardware and/or finishes for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire thing.

However, replacement doors to fit every budget and even the most discerning taste are available. “If you are unsure about the style or design that works best for your home, start with big-box home improvement stores to get a feel of what is available,” says Nevetral. “Also, get in the car and drive around the neighborhood to get ideas for garage door styles that would fit your home.”

Safety/security, aesthetics and functionality are all important considerations when deciding whether to repair or replace your garage door. Whatever the decision, remember that garage doors contribute at least 30 percent of the curb appeal of a home. As a big part of the presentation of a home, it needs to be maintained well.

Cost vs. Value

What return to expect on garage door replacement

Garage door  replacement Job Cost Cost Recouped
Mid-range $1,456 $1,177 80.9%
Upscale $2,972 $2,216 74.6%



Source: Remodeling magazine’s 2011-12 Cost vs. Value Report, © 2011 by Hanley Wood, LLC.  Reprinted by permission; visit for the complete Report.

Opener Upgrade




Chamberlain’s Battery Backup Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology does more than just open and close. The savvy opener, with heavy-duty, steel-reinforced rubber belt drive, not only works if the power goes out, but also can activate household lights and other systems upon arrival. For added safety and convenience, a timer function that can be set to automatically close the garage door in case you forget is included as well as an in-home monitor. The garage door opener and monitor is available for $268 online at Three-button remotes and other accessories are extra.


—Tonya M. Williams is HGTV’s Real Estate & Lifestyle Expert on “Designed To Sell” and “Bang For Your Buck” Atlanta editions. She holds a real estate broker’s license and has been a top producer in the metro Atlanta real estate market for over 11 years. She owns a staging and décor company and hosts “design parties” for clients. For more expert home improvement tips, visit

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