The Importance Of A Good Foundation

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“The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The foundation of a property is what it is built upon; it is an important element for the safety of the structure. A good foundation must be strong, as well a durable in order to have a long sustainable building. It is important to be aware of all the foundation options available before building your home to ensure a sturdy built home that will be in excellent living and safe conditions.

At times the importance of foundations can be overlooked, but ensuring that the foundation is done correctly from the beginning is crucial for the entire building. If a foundation is not set properly, the property will begin to show signs of problems as the building goes up. These issues are know as compounding defects, as problems begin to accumulate as the structure is being built. Foundations can be built from different materials, which are geared to making the foundation strong no matter the size of the property. Some of these materials are:

Bricks or Stones

Bricks or stones can still be seen in some of the older houses; they are as strong and reliable as using concrete. Bricks or stones have become more receptive to water damage due since the stones have gaps.


Concrete has become one of the most popular materials to use in building a property. It is used in most building projects standing today. When mixed together with foundation, it tends to show an excellent combination to a strong building. Concrete has a lot of purpose in constructions, as it can be used for underground walls on basements and is also easy to fix and construct.

Concrete Block

Concrete blocks are also useful for bigger spaces, or workload. Since they are bigger, they are easier and faster to lay them. Even though concrete blocks are bigger, they are actually lighter then they appear.


Metal is usually used in conjunction with concrete, as it will be placed into the concrete as it dries. Metal provided extra strength and rigidity, thus making it an important component to a foundation.

Foundation has three important functions, which is to hold a building, protect it from natural forces, and to protect it from moist ground. Another reason why foundations need attention to detail and high priority is because the entire property sits on top of it. Keep in mind that the foundation is what keeps us firmly planted and the house is securely attached to the foundation and it just doesn’t just lay there.

Keep in mind the foundation is holding up the structure up to avoid the building to sink into the ground. The foundation will also keep the property sturdy on the ground to keep it from blowing into the air.

If you are planning on building your own home, or notice problems in your foundation, you may contact Abry Brothers Foundation, as they offer a wide range of beneficial and affordable services to homeowners.

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