Time for a New Lawn? Yes…even in winter!

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Installing healthy, farm-fresh sod is the fastest way to beautify your property. New sod needs no special care after installation—just water, mow and fertilize as needed. Even better, you can install sod at any time of the year (as long as the ground can be tilled). Compared to the effort involved in seeding or sprigging a lawn from scratch, installing sod is the easiest way to get the job done—and there’s no need to wait for the lawn to fill in over time. 
Choose a sod that meets your needs
Do you want a lawn that’s soft and green but hardy enough to stand up to high traffic from kids and pets? Bermudagrasses are a good choice for you. They are weed- and pest-resistant and can stand up to heavy use from a busy family. TifTuf and TifGrand varieties are two of the best on the market.
Is your yard a mix of sun and shade? Try Barefoot-soft Zoysiagrass. It’s disease-resistant and easily adapts to many soil and light conditions that challenge other grass varieties. Zeon Zoysia has an attractive green color, doesn’t produce much thatch and is tough enough to tolerate moderate traffic.
Wish you could mow less often? Go for Centipedegrass! As the name implies, it grows slowly, so it’s an easy-care choice. The TifBlair Centipede variety is also aggressive enough to compete with weeds, reducing the need for chemical weed controls.
Does your existing lawn dry out easily because of full sun? Fescue is the way to go—it’s not only heat- and drought-resistant, but it provides a dense, dark green lawn all year long. Rebel Supreme is a variety that lives up to its name—its superior genetic makeup allows it to thrive even in our hot southern summers.
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NG Turf is a family-owned and operated business with 30 years of experience and six area locations to serve you. By focusing on complete customer satisfaction, NG Turf has become Georgia’s premiere sod grower and supplier for homeowners, landscape professionals, golf course developers and superintendents, athletic field managers and municipalities.
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