Meet Tony Cann, Passionate Mentor and 2021 Rising Stars Inspiration Award Winner

Tony Cann - 2021 Rising Star

Tony Cann | Age 34
Vice President of Safety & Training at HB NEXT

Tony Cann’s list of accomplishments includes a nod from Atlanta Building News magazine and being named HB NEXT’s youngest vice president ever; but with a passion for helping others — especially others starting out in the construction industry — his greatest goal is using his success to create something that does the entire community good, starting from the ground up.

What advice can you give to others in this industry?
Learn as much as possible from industry veterans, and always stay hungry for knowledge. Focus on building relationships and helping people first; then, the business side will come. I like the phrase, ‘If you do more than what you get paid for, then you’ll get paid for what you do.’

Can you describe your approach to working with clients?
My approach has always been to help clients any way possible. Since I came from a sales and marketing background, I’ve seen organizations that focus on closing the deal and getting business. My focus has been to build relationships, understand problems that companies are facing (particularly with safety, training and compliance), and help provide a solution that is fair for both parties. It’s based off the idea of the golden rule, and I believe that thought process is a major contributor to my success. 

How do you give back to your community?
I currently serve as vice chairman on the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s (GAHBA) Young Professionals Group board, where I volunteer with HomeAid Atlanta. In this role, I am working to implement our Workforce Connection Program, which aims to create a sustainable pipeline of workers for residential construction through relationships with high schools and the GAHBA. In addition to this, I coach youth soccer in my personal time, and through my employer, HB NEXT, I oversee our internship program and assist with sponsoring Christmas for a family in need each year.

What are you most proud of since joining HB NEXT?
I structured our outsourced safety program (Compliance Partner Program) that helps alleviate safety, training and compliance burdens within companies. I like that it is unlike any offering I’ve seen, and it has the potential to be the go-to program for companies across the country.

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