Top Ten Flooring Mistakes to Avoid Part 1 of 3

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Don’t Forget to Consider Your Needs and Lifestyle
There is no universal best type of flooring for everybody. Floors hold up differently, depending on factors like traffic, pets, kids, etc. Assess your family’s lifestyle and pick flooring to fit the way you live. For example, picking a high-gloss hardwood floor when you have kids and pets is setting the floor up for failure. Take the time to determine what product best meets your needs. Talk to flooring professionals and be honest about what you don’t like about your current floor and strongly consider the recommendations and advice they give you.
Don’t Fall for Advertising Gimmicks
Companies make lots of claims to get customers in the door, like “Buy one room—get two free” or “Includes free installation.” As consumer expert Clark Howard says, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! These companies are not giving you anything for free. The cost to cover the “two free rooms” is hidden in the price of the one room you pay for, or it’s simply added to the labor charges. Get more than one estimate, compare apples to apples and look at bottom-line prices.
Do Understand What You Are Buying
You want to make sure you get the best-quality product for your budget. All carpet is not the same, just as all cars are not exactly the same. For example, a 30-ounce polyester carpet is totally different and less costly than a 50-ounce nylon carpet—just like a Kia is not at all like a Rolls Royce. Do your homework and ask questions.
Don’t Put Too Much Importance on Warranties
You DO need a warranty—it exists to protect you as the shopper. But it also protects the manufacturer. The reality is that a warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear to a floor. Most of the time, a warranty will only cover what is considered a defective product, such as a wood with a finish that peels or a carpet that delaminates (comes apart). Almost all product defects are noticed within the first few months; rarely do problems that warranties actually cover develop after 20 years.
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