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Kitchen with brick design
When you’re ready to renovate your kitchen or bath, you want to have all the best ideas at your fingertips. There are so many options out in the marketplace and countless decisions to make. Note a few of the current trends to keep your project in high style:  
To Tile or Not to Tile? Brick, Where?
Nothing updates—or out-of-dates—your house like tile. Available in glass, stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal, sintered compact materials and even high-end luxury vinyl, updated tile gives your home a fresh new look in a price range to fit your needs and budget. Its versatility can make any space inviting with durable and contemporary tile as an alternative to laminate or vinyl surfacing. 
Plain, smooth or glossy surfaces will make way for textures and patterns inspired by geometry and nature, such as wood and leather. Small, square tiles are out; large-format plank and rectilinear tiles are in, even in small spaces. And when choosing color, gray is here to stay in 2016. “Gray, the new classic, can be used for modern styles, especially Scandinavian and Minimalist interiors,” recommends Jeannie Homer of Builders Floor Covering & Tile. “Due to its ability to be paired with bold accent colors, any space can be transformed and given the appropriate amount of color.”
“Brick is in for backsplashes and even entire walls,” says Georgia Tanajewski of oneiione Studio. Yes, you read correctly. Brick is in! Often used to add texture, brick comes in an array of hues and can also be painted to blend with any color scheme. The use of brick accents truly enhances a variety of styles—from traditional to transitional, classic to contemporary, rustic to industrial chic. 
Neutral is In!
There’s nothing boring about beige… and bright white is a delight for renovation style. Adaptable to any style, neutral colors for the kitchen and bath are a major trend in 2016. Soft shades of white, gray and tan can visually enlarge your space, as well as provide a timeless and elegant appeal for years to come. For a dash of pizzazz, integrate fabrics, artwork, fixtures and personal touches into that neutral palette. Sticking to neutral colors allows the other elements in the room to work a special kind of design magic through texture, sheen, luster, pattern and architectural detail. Plus, the neutral backdrop lets you switch things up occasionally—rotate seasonal décor, spread out colored servingware and glassware or change the curtains and seat cushions whenever you want!
Built-in or Freestanding? 
Today’s bathroom combines luxury with convenience as more homeowners treat themselves to a serene retreat. A freestanding tub makes a bold statement as the bathroom’s stunning focal point, and offers flexibility in placement within the space. Gone are the garden tubs or built-in jacuzzis with their boxy framing; the newest generation of freestanding tubs conceal plumbing more efficiently, freeing up your design layout. Available in an assortment of finishes, colors, shapes and materials, Tanajewski suggests tubs made of acrylic or resin as a surprisingly budget-friendly option for the homeowner. 
Countertop and Cabinetry Choices
Quality cabinetry and countertops anchor the renovation of any kitchen or bath. These elements serve as the “furniture” in those spaces, and, much like fine furniture pieces, they must withstand heavy usage while remaining beautiful. Subject to a variety of trends, evaluate the latest styles and finishes with a keen eye for the impact on the overall design of the room. Creatively maximize space and storage by assessing different cabinet configurations. Could your bathroom use wider vanity drawers or skinny pullouts? What about the vertical space? “Homes with higher-than-normal ceilings showcase cabinets that run all the way up [by] using stacked or taller-than-normal cabinets,” Tanajewski adds. 
Those hardworking countertops should adhere to factors of durability and maintenance befitting your family’s needs. Quartz material remains one of the hottest kitchen countertop trends. Unlike granite or marble, quartz repels stains and resists chips or day-to-day scratches. Quartz is also available in oversized slabs, which has become very popular in kitchen and bath design. The simplicity and versatility of quartz, with its wide variety of colors and easy care routine, ranks it high on the list for any kitchen or bath remodeling project.
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