Trending Toward Timeless

Blue room with brick wall

In full appreciation of the new-year cliché, we’re ready for a refresh. But rather than dip into time-sensitive trends, we tapped a group of designers who lobby for aesthetics leaning a little more toward timeless—of course, in a fresh, modern way that encourages togetherness and positivity over stuffy and stark. The looks they love are warm, innovative and undeniably stylish. From big renovations to DIY ideas, here are their top picks for the bandwagons to get behind this year.

#1 Trend

Trimming in Color

Micaela Quinton | Designer

Copper Sky Design & Remodeling

Using accent colors on the trim, molding, windows and doors is an element of design that has been around for centuries, but it is back in full force this year. It gives a home, whether new or old, a thoughtful and curated aesthetic. Trading the traditional white or off-white accent colors on trim instead of on the walls injects personality and visual interest into a space and is a great way to highlight the architectural elements in a room, like interesting trim work or beautiful windows. Consider fun, bright accent colors to make a playful design statement, dark saturated colors to create a bold and moody space or opt for neutral colors to create a classic cozy feel. Overall, this trend provides an exciting opportunity for homeowners to express their individual style and elevate the visual appeal of their living spaces.

Dining room with wooden doors

Blue playroom with brick wall

Light green mudroom

Pro Tip

Test sample colors in different lighting conditions to ensure the chosen accent color achieves the desired effect. We suggest using semi-gloss paint for trim work, but a glossy sheen will deliver a more modern look.

Woman with dark hair in a blue floral shirtMicaela Quinton is the director of design at Copper Sky Design + Remodel with more than 15 years of experience throughout the southeast. With a passion for problem-solving and an eye for detail, she combines purpose and function with aesthetics and creativity to uniquely approach every project.





#2 Trend

Dark and Moody Moments

Kat Nelson | Designer

Kat Nelson Designs

We love seeing the desire to create cozier kitchens in our clients’ homes—spaces full of moody hues and dark elements like warm painted cabinet tones, wood accents and gold and black metals. I, personally, love this design trend so much because it feels welcoming and inviting. It immediately says to your guests, come in and stay while. It also doesn’t have to be a major renovation, and it’s an aesthetic that can fit any style. You can start by painting one wall a dark color, or even the ceiling. Try swapping out pillows for deeper tones like dark greens and plums; and implement woven materials into your accessories, like chunky blankets on the sofa, basket-weave chargers in the kitchen or soft, wool rugs in the bedroom. In the kitchen, trade bright metal hardware and lighting for brushed brass or black. The result is an elegant yet laid-back look that gets better with time.

Black and white kitchen

White kitchen island

Pro Tip

Always balance your moody hues with lightness to keep a space from feeling and looking too heavy. If you install dark cabinetry in the kitchen, choose flooring and wall colors that are lighter.

Brunette woman in black dressKat Nelson is the owner and principal designer of Kat Nelson Designs, a full service, award- winning design firm creating environments that infuse the wants, needs and unique personalities of their clients. Kat’s design goal is always
a beautiful, highly functional space that ages gracefully.





#3 Trend

Own Your Zones

Amber Guyton | Designer

Blessed Little Bungalow

Many home layouts have open floor plans, and people feel pressured for everything to match and flow; but it’s okay to do different things in different spaces that are connected by creating zones that work for their lifestyle. I think it’s easy to get caught up in mimicking what we see on social media, but it’s important to focus on how you want a space to make you feel, staying true to your own taste and style even if that means doing something completely different than what a space was built for. Don’t use your dining room? Turn tradition on its heel and make this space more comfortable, like an extra living room, a music room or a sitting nook. Find what’s functional and meaningful for your own lifestyle—that is what any room should represent.

Two large yellow chairs

Kitchen with yellow bar chairs

Pro Tip

Make changes that can easily be undone. Go with paint instead of wallpaper. Leave the open frame versus adding a French door. Do what makes sense in case the untraditional space is a temporary thing.

Woman in purple shirtAmber Guyton is the owner of Blessed Little Bungalow, an interior design firm focused on making interior design not just a luxury reserved for the privileged few. She designs colorful, affordable and gorgeous residential and commercial projects all over the Southeast.





#4 Trend

Kitchen Wow Factor

Rosa Moreno | Designer

Rosa Moreno Kitchens

The hottest trend for kitchens is creating a wow factor with statement vent hoods, like metal, wood or stone, and adding sconces on either side. The glow that the sconces bring to the kitchen elevates any space, and in the kitchen, specifically, they add a layer of lower light and look so pretty and luxurious when dimmed. You’ll need a general contractor to help you plan before diving into this renovation, and to answer questions like: Do you have cabinets to remove above the range? What type and size of hood and sconces do you like? What size exhaust duct do you need? Are you going to vent to the outside or are you going to recirculate the air? How much electrical work do you need? Once you’re ready to go, the best part is that there are unlimited options for hoods and sconces to fit any style and budget.

White kitchen with black hood

White kitchen with white hood

Pro Tip

Opt for a hood size that is 6” bigger than your range and allow for about 6” on either side for the sconces depending on the size—but plan accordingly. You need to make sure you get all the information about the pricing, scope of work and the fixtures you would like to use before doing any demolition.

Blonde woman in black topRosa Moreno is founder and owner of Rosa Moreno Kitchens, an innovative kitchen design firm that helps homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams. She’s also one of our 2019 Rising Stars of the Home Industry. Her natural ability to organize, listen and understand the ideas of her clients inspires one-of-a-kind kitchens.

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