Types of interior doors

interior door

Heighten your home’s design with the array of fabulous options in interior doors available today. Need to add some extra oomph to your guest bedroom? Want a great transition element between the living and dining areas? Here’s a quick guide to your options.

panel-doors glass-panel-door louver-door

Panel Door

Glass-Panel Door Louver Door

Panel doors

The traditional interior-door style, panel doors offer the most privacy of all interior-door options, and can be stained or painted any color allowing virtually limitless design choices. To further the choices, the doors also come in several styles, varying by the number and shapes of panels on the door.

Glass-panel doors

Up the design ante with glass-panel doors, which are made of wood or a composite material, but have one or several glass-panel inserts, allowing you to see through the door. The glass panels can be etched, stained, leaded or frosted and can have words or designs printed on the surface. A popular option in today’s homes is the glass-panel door that has an etched design and has “Pantry” or “Laundry Room” printed on the glass.

These doors are great for homes that don’t have a lot of windows, as they allow daylight to filter through and illuminate dark hallways. French doors with glass panels are also a popular option for sunrooms and separating connected spaces, like the living and dining rooms or the office.

Louver doors

With the appearance of an enlarged shutter, louver doors are a popular bathroom and linen-closet option, as they allow air to circulate through when closed. These doors, like panel doors, can be stained or painted virtually any color, though the most common colors are natural wood and white.

anatomy of a 
pre-hung door
➤ Door Jamb
This is what you would consider the door “frame.” It’s what the door is hinged to. The jamb size needs to directly relate to the thickness of your wall.

➤ Door Stop
This is the strip of wood that is attached to the door jamb. The door stop is what the door rests on when it is closed.

➤ Hinges
These are the hardware pieces that attach the door to the jamb and provide the swinging action.

➤ Knob, Lever, Deadbolt
These are the hardware pieces that fit into the holes on the door.

types of pre-hung doors
➤ Fully Assembled
Usually seen in advertisements, the door jambs are fastened together and already attached to the door and door stop.

➤ Partially Assembled
The most common option, these come with the door attached to the jamb, but the stop is separate.

➤ Knocked Down
The components arrive unattached. This is useful when you want to stain or paint the door prior to assembly.

➤ Unfinished vs. Pre-finished
This refers to the state of the components when they arrive. A pre-finished door will already be sanded, primed and stained or painted.

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