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Underdeck with Pool

Need More Outdoor Living Space You Can Enjoy Year-Round? Think Beneath Your Deck!

Backyard Landscape with Underdeck

"An underdeck system creates a usable space that bridges the gap between indoor living and outdoor recreation."

Southeastern Underdeck Installing an underdeck system below an elevated deck keeps the area below it dry, increasing your living or storage space in the process. Depending on which system you choose, you can add accessories like low voltage lights, speakers, ceiling fans, swing hooks and screen systems to dress up the area.

Q: Am I restricted to a certain size or shape underdeck?
A: There really isn’t a limit to the size or shape. We’ve completed jobs that range from 50 square feet to over 1500 square feet. Our roll-forming machine enables us to extrude a panel as long as we need and we custom design to fit your space, whether it’s a curve or unique angle.

Q: Is there a required height to install an underdeck?
A: No. We’ve worked with decks having a three-foot clearance and water running into the crawl space when it rained heavily, but a new underdeck system helped alleviate that problem. We’ve developed systems for storing lawn mowers and tools beneath decks with clearances of six feet to seven feet. For entertainment spaces, the typical height is usually eight feet to ten feet. We have even worked on underdeck systems with ceilings as high as 18 feet to 20 feet.

Q: What is the best material to use?
A: We like working with aluminum because it doesn’t rust. While it isn’t as strong as galvanized steel, adding support braces makes it just as stable. Vinyl systems will develop “waves” over time that will collect more debris, making them more difficult to clean out. Panels are available in 27 different colors and three different textures: smooth, beaded or wood-grain embossed. The most popular colors are wicker (beige) and musket brown (dark chocolate brown). Musket brown goes well with a lot of the decking materials that are available on the market.

Q: How much should I expect to pay?
A: If you don’t want can lights, a fan or speakers, budget around $10 per square foot of coverage. If you want to dress your system up with a lot of options, you’ll usually pay $12 or $13 per square foot.

"Our approach is simple—we create outdoor spaces perfect for both family gatherings, holidays and special occasions with friends."

Finished Deck

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