Update your space with new paint and wall coverings

Men laying new hardwood flooring

One of the most inexpensive and dramatic ways to give new life to your room is to change the color and/or texture of your walls—the backdrop of your interior design. Here is a look at some of the fresh options on the market, along with expert design tips to keep in mind.


Add a splash

Choosing the perfect paint color can be perplexing. The experts at Benjamin Moore recommend the following hot hues:

• Brighten your rooms with these top paint picks—try all three, either on your walls or as an accent color in your decor.

Room colors

• Want a more relaxed, subtle setting in your home? Consider the modern tranquility color trends.

• Incorporate the colors of nature into your home with these organic comforts color trends.

• If you like natural tones but want a brighter, bolder color, these pure opulence color trends are just the ticket!

Beyond plain paper

For many, the word “wallpaper” makes people think of an outdated, flowery or country-style room. Well, think again! According to experts at Seabrook Wallcoverings, “Modern technology has integrated sophisticated printing techniques into today’s wallpaper, providing everyone with the chance to incorporate stunning art into their homes.”

Add Flash

Glass beads, Swarovski crystals and metal jewels offer a luster and glitzy glamour. Their tactile quality provides a richness impossible to reach with ordinary flat papers.

A little lux

Add high fashion to your room with rich textiles such as leather, silk, velvet and metallic accents.

Au Natural

These new decorative options incorporate actual raised-print leaves adhered to richly colored backgrounds.

paint finishes

Flat: This finish’s matte appearance softens a room and helps hide surface blemishes. A flat finish is ideal for adult bedrooms, dining rooms, formal living rooms and ceilings.
Satin: With its slight gloss, this finish offers added cleaning ability. It works best for high-traffic areas such as halls, woodwork, children’s bedrooms and family rooms.
Semi-Gloss: This durable finish is perfect for areas that are cleaned frequently, such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas, closet doors and trim.
Gloss: This extremely hard and shiny finish is excellent for wood trim, cabinets, doors and furniture.
—Sherwin-Williams, www.sherwin-williams.com

calculate it

Wonder how much paint you’ll need? Visit www.voiceofcolor.com, run by Pittsburgh Paints. Under the “My Project” menu, click on “Calculator” for a guide to help you determine the amount of paint you’ll need.

wallpaper wonders

With these wallpapers, you can have good looks and increased functionality.
Whiteboard: Allows you to write on the walls with special dry-erase markers. Magnetic: Allows you to attach magnetic appliques for presentations.
Scented: Comprised of fibers that naturally give off a soothing fragrance.
Deodorizing: Infused with charcoal particles, which are natural deodorizers.
Acoustic: Commonly utilized with sound systems or home theaters.
Cork: Cork is a natural sound-deadening material that provides a naturally textured wallcovering.
—National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, www.ngpp.org


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