Using Glass in Home Decor

Glass Back Splash

By Robby Monk for Drexler Shower Door and Custom Glass

Did you know that glass is becoming a popular choice for homeowners looking to update their home’s interior?  Even if this is something youalready knew, you may think it could never work in your home. Enhance a home’s visual appeal, usability and overall value. Here are a number of ways glass can be incorporated to your home decor:


When homeowners start thinking about updating the interior of their home, they often start with the kitchen.  This is typically a wise decision because of how much use the room gets and it often becomes the gathering place for friends and family.  If you have a small kitchen space and want to give it a larger feeling, then consider incorporating glass.  Restoration glass, when used properly, can be incorporated into kitchen cabinets for a dramatic enhancement.  Beyond being beautiful, restoration glass can provide a sense of openness to smaller rooms.

One popular trend that many homeowners are catching onto are glass backsplashes. 

Glass backsplash options are virtually endless.  Although there are many sizes and patterns from which to choose from, one of the most popular choices are solid sheets of glass. Solid sheets, although seemingly simple, are unique when it comes to backsplashes.  They are easy to clean and provides an excellent conversation starter.

Glass table tops and shelves are highly customizable and unique to kitchen designs.  Much like restoration glass cabinets, glass tops and shelves can open up a space and make a room seem much larger.  They also provide clean, contemporary sight lines.  Talk to your contractor about what options would work best for your specific kitchen layout when it comes to incorporating glass.



Beyond incorporating glass into your kitchen, there are other areas in your home where glass can benefit your home’s décor.  Consider installing glass railings leading up to the second floor of your home.  Glass railings, coupled with the proper hardware fixtures, can dramatically enhance the look and feel inside your home.  If you have an outdoor area with a scenic view, the glass should strongly be considered.  It can provide an open look while not obstructing any view.

For dramatic visual appeal and unique design flair, consider incorporating glass into your home’s design.  Talk to your contractor about where you should start and get an understanding of what choices you have that will provide the best value both financially and with regard to livability.


Robby Monk is a home-improvement blogger who works with Drexler Shower Door.  Drexler specializes in shower doors and enclosures, but takes pride in pushing the boundaries of glazing in such areas as curved glass and glass floors. Learn more by visiting

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