What NOT to Do When Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring

One of the worst feelings is when something brand new gets broken or damaged. You worked so hard for that new car, and look at the ding in the door from some inconsiderate person in the parking lot!  Floors are the same way. We’d love to tell you that there are indestructible floors, but unfortunately, there are not.  And sometimes the damage is our own fault.

• Don’t use random products on your hardwood floors. Always read the label carefully before you buy that new product and watch out for words like: polish, finish, glo/glow, fills in scratches, shine, protects from water damage, leaves a long-lasting brilliant shine, oil soap, wax, refresher and rejuvenator.  These tell you the product is more than a cleaner and there is wax in the product which will almost certainly cause problems. Either it will not adhere (peel or flake off) or there will be a residue on the surface of the floor. Only use cleaners made by wood flooring manufacturers like Armstrong, Bona or Mohawk.

Bona Flooring Cleaner

• Use a durable finish to prevent indentions. You might be surprised, but even a simple high-heel or pebble stuck to the bottom of your shoe can damage hardwood floors, or any floor for that matter. Regardless of the brand or finish though, all wood flooring can be scratched or indented if something heavy and/or sharp is pushed, dragged, or rolled over its surface. Enhance Floors and More encountered a client that had this problem and offered solutions:

Use runners and rugs to protect the hardwoods is an option.
• With today's technology, reliable hardwood flooring manufacturers are able to strengthen their surface finishes. Quality manufacturers use 6 to 10 coats of durable finishes on their flooring. These finishes create a very wear-resistant, durable surface for normal foot traffic for many years.
• Use lots of area rugs. Sometimes, clients are surprised that their dogs are ruining their floors. Dogs will dig in to get traction, possibly scratching the surface of any wood flooring.
• Make sure your pets are house broken. Pet urine is an acid and will damage the natural color of the wood flooring if not cleaned up right away, leaving a stain that does not always sand out.


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