What Trends In Vegas…

Aztec Stone

…does not stay in Vegas. Not if we can help it.

Gorgeous display at the Bellagio.

Last week two of the AHIM crew went to Vegas to attend the Kitchen and Bath International Show and the International Builders Show.

Or as the cool kids call it, KBIS and IBS.

Because in Vegas these guys were there to work. Sure, they enjoyed the typical Vegas sights like the Bellagio's Chinese New Year display, pictured at the left.

But they were there to work! And work they did.They walked (and walked and walked…) the enormous show floor in order to report on the latest in home improvement trends for our readers.

Let's see how many of these new products start showing up in Atlanta homes in 2014. By the way, this blog post is only part one of two parts. That's how much great stuff they found! Check back next week when we focus on all the nifty new appliances and cabinetry they saw.

But for now, let's get a little gadgety. We love the simplicity of this new product called the Docking Drawer by Jtech. If you're anything like our families, your counters are crowded with cords, phones, iPads, Kindles, anything that needs charging.

Now you can plug in using this outlet and USB port right inside the drawer!  No more counters that look like a Radio Shack showroom. Take back the kitchen!



Next up, they wanted you all to know about this fantastic and versatile counter product called Dekton. What's so special about these countertops? They are created using a process called "Particle Sintering Technology"".

And what's so special about  Particle Sintering Technology? It creates a countertop that is ideal for use indoors or out! It's UV, Scratch, Stain and Heat resistant. You can now have a counter that spans both inside and outside of your home, all made with the same material.




Speaking of indoor/outdoor, the AHIM crew really loves a good NaNa Wall. What's a Nana Wall? It's a wall of windows that – when retracted – brings the outdoors in and creates a borderless experience between your yard and your home.

Think Hawaii.

What's extra cool about these walls is that they come in different styles and colors. Pictured here are two types – a traditional wood grain on the left and a more contemporary turquoise on the right. We think they're both so stylish and can easily visualize these completely transforming a sunny Atlanta kitchen.



What's this I found in the camera? Is…is that a limo? Is that a typical Vegas looking party?? I thought they were too wiped out from the show to go out. Where's the throbbing feet and the exhaustion and the room service and…


Anyway – back to the show.



Pictured left is one of the most clever products they came across: Glideware.

By hanging pots and pans on this new cabinet organization system, you won't just save space, you may save your back.

Even the neatest homes have a mismatched pile of pots and pans and cooking utensils somewhere. This new system was invented to organize all those scattered cooking tools and to have them actually handy to access.

No more squatting, bending, stretching just to find that perfect omelet pan.  Better still, this system can be used in closets to better organize clothes and accessories. Imagine it holding all your handbags.


So that's it for Part One. Stay tuned for next week for Part Two of the Big KBIS/IBS report.

Then, we really will focus on the incredible kitchen cabinetry and appliances Jenn and David encountered at the show. We really think some of them will completely transform your idea of a "Atlanta Dream Kitchen".

(And I really think I'm looking forward to going through the rest of these photos…)

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