10 New Trends for 2021


2020 has thankfully come to a close and now we can look to what’s ahead. Here are 10 home trends to look for in 2021 from the cozy comfort of Hygge-inspired hardwoods to bold wallpaper prints and multifunctional space solutions.


Yellow and gray room

1) Pantone Pick

Global color authority Pantone® has released their 2021 Color of the Year, and surprise, they couldn’t pick just one! According to Pantone, this year’s colors Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, are a great combination to set the mood in any room in the home. Still working from home? Use Ultimate Gray as a focused, no-nonsense base for your office before setting off your creativity and curiosity with pops of Illuminating. For more ideas, visit Pantone.com.


2) Lighten Up

Thank the Danes, because in 2021, dark is done. Hygge influence inspires us to trade dark flooring with all its obvious scratches, specks of dust and lint for a fresh, lighter look like these blonde hardwoods from Karastan. Your home will feel larger and look brighter—a welcome new perspective. www.enhancefloors.com


SDR Design blue cabinet kitchen with natural wood shelves

3) Organic Mixology

Spending a lot of time inside makes us miss the outdoors; so let’s invite them in. Nature illuminates an organic balance that calms the soul and by adding it in the kitchen—like with these natural wood shelves—you can attain that softened, warmed feeling in the space where your family gathers most. www.sdratlanta.com


Snake plant in pot with no background

4) Going Green

Houseplants are back in a big way. They freshen up our space, often can help purify our inside air and cool options like the snake plant, also called mother-in-law’s tongue, provide low-maintenance leaves with a dramatic pop of bold, organic color. Its striking silhouette comes in several varieties that can complement any space with effortless, organic (and pet-safe!) style. www.pikenursery.com


Barclay Stone interiors, living room

5) Contemporary Calm

Art has always been big, but this year we’re craving anything to keep the peace at home, and art can make it happen. Designer Barclay Stone suggests choosing contemporary works in soothing colors that blend into a room for instant tranquility and a calming balance of both style and Zen. www.barclaystoneinteriors.com


Faye Bell wallpaper

6) Cover to Cover

Small business love never goes out of style, especially when it’s so easily chic. Local artisan Faye Bell creates bold wall coverings for her self-titled line that are inspired by her own unique artwork and boast the versatility and durability to update any space. Choose from a handful of creative designs, including her latest design, Rhapsody. www.fayebell.com


Murphy bed, More Space Place

7) Murphy’s Law

The Murphy bed is having its moment, says Brandie Stoeck of Stoeck Interiors. With homeowners having to rethink how their spaces function, making rooms multifunctional has become vital. This modernized version of a throwback space saver, available at More Space Place, transforms a home office into a sleep retreat, without compromising on style or functionality. www.stoeckinteriors.com


Kandrac and Kole master bath, black and white with yellow
master bedroom and bath

8) Black and White

The classic contrast isn’t brand new, say designers Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole of Kandrac & Kole Interior Design, but its modern vibe flourishes because it’s the perfect palette to add pops of color and build in texture. Bonus: white walls facilitate effortless black infusion via lighting, wall coverings, fabrics, tile and more. www.kandrac-kole.com


Clear lazy susan

9) Make Space Multifunctional

According to organizational expert Mary Kathryn LaVallee, founder of OrderUp Design, small spaces have to work twice as hard now that we spend so much time in them, so products should serve multiple purposes. Her go-to is a clear lazy Susan that doubles down on visible storage in lots of different spaces. www.orderupdesign.com


Large format marble tile, Custom Dwellings

10) Make A Statement

Start the new year off by overshadowing what happened in 2020—and with style. Large format marble tile accent walls in the bathroom are a gorgeous piece of impossible-to-ignore eye candy that updates your space and eliminates painful grout maintenance—a double décor win. www.customdwellings.com

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