2003 NARI CotY Awards

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The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) holds a contest each year to find out who is the best of the best. The Atlanta chapter of NARI held its 2003 Contractor of the Year (or CotY) awards banquet last month to recognize members who have completed exemplary projects. The awards were presented for the best project in 18 categories, ranging from kitchen and bath remodels to whole-house renovations and additions.

Robbie Pich-Architect, Harrison Design Associates
Rich Hatch- Architect, Harrison Design Associates
Lisa Mowry- Field Editor, Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications
Karen Popple- Account Executive, Todays Custom Home
Alyse Harral -Managing Editor, Atlanta Home & Lifestyles
Chris Sherry- Professor and Architect, Brenau University

Residential Kitchen Under $30,000
Creations by Quality &Magnet Construction Services Inc.

These homeowners had specific needs that their compact and outdated kitchen could not fulfill. The kitchen lacked efficient storage and a prep area, so Magnet Construction Services Inc. turned the cramped space into a warm and inviting modern kitchen. The most significant design change was the creation of the lower eating peninsula. The range was moved 18 inches to create a better landing space next to the refrigerator, and a Spacemaker microwave was installed over the stove. Recessed can lighting, warm-toned cabinetry and sleek countertops complete this kitchens transformation.

Residential Kitchen $30,000 to $60,000
Sawhorse Inc.

To open the kitchen so that the heart of the home would allow for large gatherings was the goal of this project. The homeowners lifestyle required open communication from room to room, so the rooms were reordered around the kitchen to create a wide-open, flexible living space. After the remodel, the dining room opened up to the kitchen and became the breakfast area, and space from the formal living room was borrowed to become the formal dining room. The project created a greater sense of space and flow between the breakfast area, kitchen and living room.

Residential Kitchen $50,000 to $100,000
Constructive Innovations Inc.

The owners of this kitchen wanted a space that was practical for their family and suitable for entertaining. The problem was a breakfast area adjacent to the kitchen in the keeping room that interrupted the traffic flow from the exterior patio area. To open the space, the laundry room was moved downstairs to the basement to make room for a table with built-in seating. Windows also were added to reinforce the visual connection with the outdoors, and open up the relationship to the keeping room. An entrance was added from the kitchen to a new screened-in porch area to tie it all together.

Residential Kitchen Over $100,000
RLS Construction Inc.

This kitchen lacked style, color, texture, lighting and functionality, so the team at RLS Construction Inc. wanted to give the kitchen a new personality while providing ample space for cooking and entertaining. In order to create room for multiple cooks, the island was removed. The cooking elements were placed on one side of the room and storage and clean-up elements were placed on the opposite side. To complete the new personality, arches were added to all doorways, recessed can lights were installed for general lighting, and textured and leaded glass was inserted in the upper cabinets. Granite countertops were used to create contrast with the cabinets, while the oak floor was refinished in an aged cherry satin and the walls faux-finished.

Residential Bath Under $30,000
Small Carpenters at Large Inc.

After renovating other rooms of their 1960s ranch-style home, the homeowners wanted to change their cramped and storageless bathroom into something more modern and spacious. Faced with the challenge of creating a comfortable bathroom within the existing space, Small Carpenters at Large Inc. incorporated an existing hall closet into the bathroom design and built a closet using space from an adjacent bedroom. A custom storage unit and compact vanity both were built to fit in the space. To achieve the contemporary look, straight, clean lines were used on everything from the gray slate flooring to the chrome hardware and fixtures.

Residential Bath $30,000 to $60,000
Constructive Innovations Inc.

In this historic home, Constructive Innovations Inc. faced space and structural challenges. The homeowners wanted to fix existing water damage and eliminate any further damage while creating a restful retreat from their busy lives. To keep with the homes traditional character, architectural details such as beaded board wainscot and ceilings were used, along with crown molding and louvered cabinetry doors. A steam-shower was incorporated to give the bathroom the spa-like quality the homeowners desired. The team overcame the structural challenges and created a noteworthy space appropriate for this distinguished home.

Residential Bath Over $60,000
Constructive Innovations Inc.

Constructive Innovations mission was to turn a choppy bathroom into a more usable space with a contemporary, but not too modern, feel. The spaces original layout was redesigned to take advantage of the space available. The vanity area became a transition space to the bath area, which now leads to the dressing room. The steam-shower and toilet areas now are hidden behind the tiled tub wall and are accessed through frameless glass doors with limestone jambs and head details. The cabinetry, tub and doors are made of quarter-sewn maple to help create the understated elegance of the space.

Residential Interior Under $100,000
Magnet Construction Services Inc.

What started out as a white box apartment was converted into a stylish, chic loft. The contemporary style was carried throughout the bathroom with stone-like tile, a doorless shower and hand-chiseled granite sinks. The highlight of the open space is a waterfall wall that is shared by both the kitchen and the master bathroom. The kitchens contemporary style is offset by the curved bar made of zebrawood and the curved seams of poured concrete countertops. The creation of the bar conserves much needed counterspace and provides a place to entertain guests in the kitchen area.

Residential Interior Over $100,000

The original house was a jumble of small, disconnected rooms and lifeless hallways. The first floor was broken up into various small living areas that had no connection to one another, and the second floor was divided into small, dark sleeping rooms with tiny closets and small bathrooms. During the renovation, a combined living room/dining room area was created from the original formal living room. The kitchen was moved from the back of the house to a more central location and the original kitchen space was converted into a cozy keeping room. Additionally, the original den was turned into an office and guest room. Upstairs, portions of two bedrooms and a shared bath were combined to create a large master suite.

Residential Exterior Over $100,000
Constructive Innovations Inc.

The homeowners wanted to improve their view of the Club Commons Circle area, which the house overlooks, as well as the front entry and the rear patio. Architect Marc Mosleys design solution was to add a screened porch area adjacent to the garage and off the kitchen. The front-entry pediment and steps were replaced with a portico structure, creating a more traditional and classic look. Both the screened porch and the entry portico have copper roof panels to add to the character. The sunroom at the rear patio was opened up with archways that lead to the living room. The laundry room was relocated and windows were added at the new breakfast banquette for visual contact with the exterior. The doors from the keeping room were replaced and help add to the circulation flow.

Residential Exterior Under $100,000
Home Rebuilders

The design of this exterior covered deck blended with the existing home to create a space perfect for year-round entertaining, as well as a leisure space for the homeowners. The two-level outdoor deck features a fireplace and a winding set of stairs leading to the new stamped-concrete patio below. A cultured stone was used for the fireplace surround, cedar-timber framing forms the open pavilion space, with a wrought-iron handrail wrapping the length of the deck. Ceramic tile was used for the covered-deck area, and unique lighting was chosen in keeping with the feel of the timber-frame design.

Residential Addition Under $100,000
RLS Construction Inc.

T he original garage of his 1940s home needed help. Not only was it about to fall in, the structure was also unstable, too small to accommodate an SUV and lacked storage space. Thats when RLS Construction Inc. stepped in to create a new garage area that transitioned seamlessly into the existing home. Several architectural elements from the original house, such as board-and-batten siding, iron railings, decorative rafter tails and weathered brick, were repeated in the new garage. The garage doors then were designed to match the houses architectural style, while letting in outside light. Best of all, the new garage has ample storage space and a covered access entry connecting the detached garage to the kitchen.

Residential Addition $100,000 to $250,000
Renovation Express Inc.

This small two bedroom, one bath bungalow got a lot smaller when the homeowners realized their family of three was soon to become a family of four. They already had begun the process of adding more space by building out the attic. The continued build-out would give them two more bedrooms with a connecting bath for the children, as well as a master suite. To keep costs down, the owners decided on 8-foot ceilings, vaulting the master bedroom. At the top of the stairs, there is a little niche, and the windows overlooking the stairs open up the area, making it appear bright and roomy.

Residential Exterior Specialty
RLS Construction Inc.

The original garage of his 1940s home needed help. Not only was it about to fall in, the structure was also unstable, too small to accommodate an SUV and lacked storage space. Thats when RLS Construction Inc. stepped in to create a new garage area that transitioned seamlessly into the existing home. Several architectural elements from the original house, such as board-and-batten siding, iron railings, decorative rafter tails and weathered brick, were repeated in the new garage. The garage doors then were designed to match the houses architectural style, while letting in outside light. Best of all, the new garage has ample storage space and a covered access entry connecting the detached garage to the kitchen.

Residential Exterior Specialty
RLS Construction Inc.

The homeowners of this steep sloping lot wanted a fence that would provide maximum privacy and look appealing from their yard, as well as their neighbors. Additionally, the job had to be completed without disturbing many of the homes historical heirloom plantings. In order to achieve those goals, a custom cedar fence was constructed with a curved top rail and thick cap. The panels step down the steep grade and are supported by brick columns that match the houses brick cast stone caps in the corners. Finally, two gates were added: one to the neighbors backyard and one between the side and front of the home.

Entire House Under $250,000
Constructive Innovations Inc.

The motivation for this whole-house renovation was a growing family and the desire for more room for entertaining. The renovation included the kitchen, family room, living room, master bath, study, powder room, laundry room, mechanical room, and screened-in porch, and a new master bedroom addition with a walk-in-closet. The addition, which essentially doubled the homes square footage, was completed with a new wrap-around space, rather than with a new second story. The highlights of the design include elevated ceiling heights, floating cabinets and Craftsman-style details. Lighting also was a key element of the design that contributed to the overall artistic statement.

Entire House $250,000 to $500,000
Small Carpenters at Large Inc.

The goal of this renovation was to provide additional bedrooms, bathrooms, storage space and a common area, as well as convert the style of the 1950s ranch home into a Colonial Revival. The floor plan on the first floor changed only slightly to allow for space for the new stairwell. For the new second floor addition, four bedrooms, two full baths, a storage area and a common space were added. The new spaces were designed to be private and informal, compared to the more formal rooms downstairs. The new bathrooms were designed to have vanity areas separate from the bath and toilet areas so more than one person could use them at one time. The new space was designed with neutral colors and finishes fo
decorating versatility and resale appeal.

Residential Historical Renovation/Restoration
Southern Styles Remodeling Inc.

This home, which was constructed in 1910, had serious roofing and excessive exterior rotting issues, so it needed a real overhaul. The rear of the house was demolished to make room for a new addition. The original siding, trim, cedar singles, support beams and joists were replaced where necessary. The entire HVAC system had to be replaced and upgraded to handle the extra load of the addition. The bathroom also was enlarged and remodeled to bring it up to date. Finally, the original heart pine floors were refinished and the new wood floors were matched for continuity.

Residential Universal Design
Weidmann & Associates Inc.

Finding it increasingly difficult to care for their wheelchair-bound daughter as she grew, these homeowners remodeled their home to better accommodate her needs in her bedroom and bathroom. The design combined the spaces of two bedrooms and their shared bathroom to create a long, single room with a bed, vanity, whirlpool tub, toilet and shower, along with a medical sling track used for moving and lifting the daughter. To accommodate continued use of a wheelchair, the wood floor in the bedroom is flush with the tile in the bathroom and, by waterproofing the tile area around the shower, the need for a shower curb was eliminated. Overall, the final result is a room that is functional without appearing institutional.

Best Commercial Project
Magnet Construction Services Inc.

This run-down and distressed building was given a new life when it was turned into four unique living spaces. The entire building had to be gutted, and several structural deficiencies had to be addressed before the renovation could begin. After the structural repairs were complete, each living unit was designed around the buildings natural elements, as the owner wanted to preserve the units turn-of-the-century integrity.

Additional Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
Carolina Lumber

Special Services Contractor of the Year
Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

Jerry McDaniel Award
Warner McConaughey

Outstanding Member
Peter Bourget & Rich Sokolowski

Presidents Award
Carl Seville

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