Haute Hardware

Haute Hardware

No matter how beautiful your cabinetry may be, the right handle or pull can be a defining accessory that makes your overall design complete.

Start with style

The first step to selecting hardware is knowing how it will fit into your room’s overall style. If you’re not sure what that style is, review our Style Finder to define a general feel. From there, you’ll be better able to grasp the right hardware.

Pick a pull (or knob)

Next, decide what type of hardware is the right fit for your cabinetry. There are knobs, pulls and handles, cup/bin pulls, European bars, drop handles, pendant pulls, finger pulls, ring pulls, recessed pulls and even appliance pulls. To add interest, consider layering your hardware. For example, you don’t have to use a plain knob; you can dress it up with a knob backplate. Decorative hinges also can be elegant accents.

Oh so vogue

There are a wide variety of hot hardware trends, from specialty glass knobs to weathered iron. Natural accents are more popular than ever, such as river stones transformed into knobs. Some trends from the past are back in vogue again. Stainless steel–the “in” metal used by architects and silversmiths during the Art Deco period—is making a comeback.

Finishing touch

If you decide to go with metal hardware, there are even more options from which to choose. You can select polished or antique brass for its traditional elegance, while oil-rubbed bronze adds a unique warmth.

Polished chrome is desired for its cool silver tones. Polished nickel is similar in tone, but has a slightly warmer feel. Satin nickel offers a brushed finish that also provides cool tones, without the same flash.

A rising trend in kitchen and bath materials, copper hardware can be a distinctive accent with its signature reddish hue. Iron and wrought iron are popular for their durability and ornamental options. Stainless steel is also known for its durability, plus it is typically an eco-friendly choice as it is often made from recycled materials.

Style Finder

Overwhelmed by the wide variety of handsome hardware options? First, stop and ask yourself what style your kitchen or bath is. Then, you can pick a pull or knob that’s right for you.


Cabinets are usually weathered-looking and made of heavy, real wood with chrome pulls and knobs.


Modern styles change, but the most recent designs include sleek, straight and clean lines. Common materials include stainless steel, marble, granite and frosted glass. Basic geometric shapes and bold, bright colors such as reds, blues and yellows or black-and–white styles are prevalent.


This style features a lot of detail and craftsmanship. Natural materials are very common. Colors usually reflect the nature of the desert such as warm oranges, greens, tans and browns.


Plays up architectural details. Dark stains, honey tones, semi-opaque paints, wicker baskets and oak cabinets create a feel that is usually more formal than country style.


Rustic, weathered looks create a warm, cozy feeling in a country-style home. Common colors range from muted hues to earth tones. Exposed beams, pine paneling, brick and barn boards are elements commonly used to express this style.


A mix of old and new are combined for a harmonious look in eclectic rooms. This style is not characterized by a particular color palette, pattern or material, but is a mix of extravagant decorations from numerous eras, including hand-me-downs, second-hand items and other recyclables.

 —National Kitchen and Bath Association, www.nkba.org

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