[advps-slideshow optset=”1″]Leslie Moore’s life is busy. So busy that she really needs something to help her conquer the craziness, and, busyness, of the day. For Leslie, that’s a kitchen organized with pullout shelves from ShelfGenie.

Kitchen cabinet organization by Shelf Genie Atlanta

“Time is a precious commodity,” says Leslie. “That’s why an organized kitchen is so important to me. It’s key—especially when I’m trying to get everybody ready in the morning.”

Leslie has ShelfGenie pullout shelves in her kitchen to help keep things organized—and to keep everything within reach.

ShelfGenie Pantry Pullout Shelves

Pantry organization with custom pull-out shelves by ShelfGenie

“The pullout shelves in my kitchen help me see everything I have. Before getting them, things would get buried in the back of a cabinet or in my pantry. Now I can see everything.”

Leslie utilizes all areas of her kitchen—from the coffee station to the baking area—but there are three parts of her kitchen that she considers to be the most important.

Trash: “The pullout trash and recycling solution has basically changed my life. It’s easy to access and always out of the way so I don’t have to look at it all the time. With little kids, you have a lot of trash and a lot of recycling.”

Pantry: “We waste less food because we now know what we have. We see what’s in there and when it expires. Plus, everything is so easy to access.”



Kitchen storage before ShelfGenie organization

BEFORE PHOTO: Kitchen cabinet without proper organization and ShelfGenie custom shelves

My son’s shelf: “My son has his own shelf. It’s low so he can access it and it has his snacks, his sippy cups, and more. If he wants a snack, he knows exactly where to get it.”

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