2024 Countertop Trends and Styles

Kitchen island with green backsplash

From durable quartz to gorgeous granite, marble and more, there are so many styles available in countertops today. We tapped Granite & Marble Solutions for their expertise on what’s new and how to determine which is best for your project.

“The newest material on the block is porcelain,” said Don Benton, owner. “It’s a 100% natural product made of raw and clay-based materials, making it a popular choice in sustainable building now that it’s becoming available.”

They’re also excited for the return of warmer colors like creams, golds and beige – a trend that’s slowly replacing the stark whites and cool greys of the past few years.

“We see countertops as the jewel of the kitchen, but there is no single best material because each has pros and cons that vary depending on how you work in your kitchen,” he added. “There is also a misconception around prices, but we’ve got such a large and diverse inventory that we can usually make your preferred stone work in your budget.”

They’re focused on each customer’s design journey so that they can combine both—the best choice for their lifestyle and one that fits within their budget. The end result is definitely a gem.

Pros & Cons of Quartz and Natural Stone


Pros: consistent patterns and colors, supreme durability, stain resistant

Cons: can’t take direct heat

Natural Stone

Pros: unique veining and varying colors, unmatched heat resistance

Cons: absorbent and must be sealed to prevent staining

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