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With temperatures rising, will your lawn be ready when summer hits? By following these five simple steps, you can ensure your lawn will be lush and green by the time your family is ready for some outdoor fun. 
1. Clear The Site

Collect any debris that accumulated during the winter months. Removing rocks, leaves, and sticks now will improve airflow, reduce disease, and allow more sunlight to reach your grass. 
2. Test Your Soil

Regular soil testing will help address your lawn’s specific needs. pH testing kits are available at home and garden centers and are easy to use—just follow the manufacturer’s directions. For more detailed soil testing, you can contact your local Ag Extension office. For a directory, visit: ngturf.com/about-us/resources
3. Wake Up Your Grass 
We’re past the danger of frost, so it’s time to mow your lawn “low” to remove dormant growth. Leave half an inch for Bermudagrass and one inch for other varieties. This will remove thatch and reduce mold growth. It’s also a good idea to aerate your lawn every one to three years to increase airflow to the root system. 
4. Apply Pre-emergents

Pre-emergent herbicides inhibit the germination of certain weed seeds and can provide blanket protection against weeds for up to six months. If you plan to use a pre-emergent this spring, delay overseeding your lawn until the fall.
5. Service Lawn Equipment

Sharpen or replace the blades on your mower now. A sharper blade produces better results and cuts down on the frequency of mowing. 
6. Patch Dead Spots

The easiest way to fill in bare spots is with fresh sod of the same variety of your existing lawn. If you are not certain of what kind of grass you have on your property, bring in a 4-inch by 4-inch sample (including roots) to one of our farms and our turf experts will help you identify the variety so you can select the best match possible.
If you believe your yard is in need of new sod, consider TifTuf™ Bermuda from NG Turf. It’s the most sustainable and water efficient turfgrass available today. We grow locally and deliver fresh from the farm right to your door!
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