7 Common Renovation Mistakes Homeowners Make

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With everything that 2020 has thrown our way you have probably found yourself stuck at home with more time than before, and like many Americans, you may have even thought about spending your extra time on home renovation projects. However, before you pick up that sledgehammer 5th Generation Contracting shares 7 common renovation mistakes you should watch out for:

1) Unrealistic expectations

Renovation projects seen on TV or recently finished by family and friends have a way of tricking our brains into thinking we can have exactly those things with just a few phone calls to some local renovators.  We are here to tell you that you can have those things, but first it’s crucial to understand several topics before jumping in.  Have you talked about what you want to invest in your home?  Do you know how long your project might take or if you will be able to live in your home during the renovation?  How will you find the best contractor for your project?  Is your contract filled with clauses?  Will your project need architectural plans for permitting?  These are just a few questions that get overlooked and more often than not, let us down when we don’t work through them. 

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2) Skipping the Planning and Design Phase
Just like any major life decision, a design plan should be given ample thought and consideration before you start renovations. If you try to just rush head-first into a remodel you will most likely end up spending more money than you had planned with design changes mid-project and design ideas that might not be practical. At 5th Generation Contracting, the design and build process works side by side to provide you with the best planning process possible.It’s important to make considerations for any future projects now- don’t wait and don’t spend money twice.

3) Doing it Yourself

We hear from clients time and time again that they bit of more than they could chew.  It’s important to find ways to value engineer a project- we agree!  We strive to help our clients find materials and methods to achieve the same final product without cutting corners and without forgoing quality.   The process of remodeling can bring on many unforeseen challenges and we have proved to our client’s over and over that working with a licensed and insured contractor will save you time and money.

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4) Buying Materials Before A Plan Is Made
As the old adage goes, don’t put the cart before the horse. Buying materials before a plan is made can cause several frustrating issues, including appliances not fitting in the space, not having enough materials for the project or ending up with materials and fixtures that don’t complement each other. Part of the planning and design process includes measuring for materials and creating proper allowances for these materials. 5th Generation will help you determine what allowances make sense for the overall project so that you will not exceed your budget.

5) Not Getting The Right Permits
Getting the proper permits for your renovation can seem like a hassle, but if you are caught without them you could be forced to tear down what you’ve already done and acquire a permit before restarting your renovations. Plus, most homeowners insurance requires you to provide a copy of the permits for the renovations to be covered under your insurance.

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6)Picking Form Over Function
We all love the fancy kitchens and bathrooms we see in showrooms or on HGTV, but just because it looks nice doesn’t necessarily mean it is practical for you or your family. When redesigning your space it is important it caters to your needs and is functional for your everyday life. For instance, you might love the look of real wood floors but with three kids and two pets, a durable scratch-resistant laminate may be a better fit for you. In high utility places like mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens it’s important to consider how you will utilize your space. You want to ensure the functionality of the room by putting design elements in an arrangement that will lend the best workflow.

7) Choosing Contractors On A Whim
When selecting a contractor, you shouldn’t just pick the first one that pops up on Google or the cheapest one you can find. Find reviews and referrals, get price quotes and interview multiple contractors to find the one that best understands your vision within your budget and timeframe.

Whole house remodel 5th Generation Contracting

Taking on home renovations can seem easy and straightforward when you see them on TV, however, many first-time renovators quickly find it daunting and confusing once they start. At 5th Generation Contracting, they take the stress out of home renovations with individualized design plans where they work with each client to bring their vision to life. With over 150 years of experience, let them help you avoid these renovation mistakes.

For more information on how to jumpstart your remodel without these common mistakes visit: 5thGenerationContracting.com

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