A More Responsive Faucet and Sophisticated Tub Filler

Free standing tub filler

Within our PDI showroom, we repeatedly receive similar questions from customers regarding the ToucH2O faucet. “How does it operate?” “How do I control the temperature?” “Is the faucet easy to install?” and “What kind of batteries does this ToucH20 technology require?” The answer to each of these questions is really quite simple.

Operation: While you may choose to operate this device like any other standard faucet, it is equipped to perform just as well with a touch of your hand or forearm. (Note: If faucet is left on after walking away, it will shut off within 60 seconds). 

Temperature: With a handle controlled temperature that can operate manually or in “touch” mode, water temperature settings can remain the same from previous use.  

Installation: Similar to any other pull-down kitchen faucet, each free-standing installation connects to wires operational through a AA battery pack. The estimated battery life is 11 months. 

While ToucH2O technology has become more popular within the residential home, one of the main benefits is the prevention of cross contamination.

Delta’s smart touch technology is thoughtfully designed for responsive control whether you touch the spout or handle. This impressive smart touch technology can even recognize the difference between a touch and a grab.

Interview by PDI Showroom Consultant Kelsee Van Nus

We are also thrilled for the unveiling of the Delta Trinsic freestanding tub filler, which is inspired by the sleek elegance of modern European design. This filler provides style and functionality at a great price, also on display at PDI in Lawrenceville for clients to witness in person.


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