Affordable Ways to Finance Aging or Disability Home Modifications

Bathroom with walk-in shower and vanities for aging in place

Many of us would like to modify our home to make getting around our house a little easier. We all, of course, have the option to pay for the modifications out of our pocket, or tap into our home equity for the funds. And with the cost of nursing homes running over 100K per year, it is not uncommon for people to obtain a reverse mortgage to pay for home modifications. This move generally saves the family a considerable sum of money over the course of only a couple of years.

However, many of us lack the savings account, or the equity to finance the modifications that we need. So today we present a few alternative funding options.

A. Medicaid waivers allow for some environmental modifications. There has to be a need recognized and asked for by the doctor. If you get turned down, try again.

B. More and more health organizations are recognizing the cost benefit of home modifications to reduce the risk of future health issues. Check with your health organization.

C. Long term care insurance is a potential source of funds for home modifications.

D. If you rent, the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 states that your landlord must provide reasonable accommodations. Sometimes the landlord will pay, but they are not required to if they are a small company. Many times the landlord will give you credit on your rent for modifications completed by a professional company that completes the modification in a manner that can be used by future tenants.

E. Veterans have a couple of different grant options available to them through the VA.

F. There are government programs that will also assist in moving a family member out of a facility and back into the home. Check with your local area agency on aging.

We hope this helps some of you who are looking for different options to pay for any needed modifications to your homes! 


Monti and Patricia Marsters of Totally Accessible Homes

Monti and Patricia Marsters are the owners of Totally Accessible Homes. Monti has been performing accessibility work for over 12 years. Monti and Patricia have degrees and certifications in project management, health care management, Universal Design, Aging in Place, and Home Modifications for Aging and Accessibility. You can find more information at

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