Annual Interior Design Planner

Interior design living room
When you consider revamping the style and design in your home – it can be quite daunting. 
Where to begin? Do you start by thinking about budget constraints? Taste and style? Favorite decor stores? Do you run out and hire the first designer you find?
No, first you start here. This planner will help you identify your style, organize your thoughts and get you thinking like a designer.  
(Note: This planner is not meant to replace your designer, but rather prep you for a consultation with one. It’s like the forms you fill out when meeting with a new doctor…but much more fun!)
STEP 1: 
What’s your Style
My favorite color palette: 
a. Darker hues in jewel-toned colors, such as maroon, dark green and navy blue
b. Neutral tones
c. Grays and off-whites paired with bright and bold accent colors, like cherry red or sunshine yellow
d. Mostly whites and blues, with other pale colors and patterns mixed in
My favorite couch:
a. High-backed, rounded arms, comfortable yet stiff enough to retain its shape
b. Classic appeal yet comfortable, medium height in a neutral tone
c. Low-profile, sleek, in either a neutral tone or a very bright pop of color 
d. Relaxed and cozy, in a patterned and/or pale-colored upholstery
When shopping for decorative accessories, where do you go? 
a. An outdoor art fair 
b. A home décor retailer
c. I go to the city and browse urban art studios
d. A flea market or antique shop 
Out of all the kitchen combos listed below, which appeals the most to you?  
a. A space that’s separate from the dining and living areas, with either white or dark-wood cabinetry featuring inset panels, an island with furniture-style legs, and granite countertops
b. A contrasting-colored island, mostly neutral tones, with an eat-in breakfast nook
c. An open-space concept with a large island and barstool seating, flush cabinetry, off-white or gray tones with pops of color in the pendant lights and/or barstools
d. White cabinetry, heart-pine flooring, and a few cabinets without doors for open-shelf storage and an apron-front sink
Which architectural details do you prefer? 
a. Large mouldings, trim, chair rails and wainscoting throughout the home
b. Baseboard trim and door frames throughout, and crown moulding in select rooms
c. Very few or no architectural details
d. Beadboard and exposed ceiling beams with a distressed finish 
The main furnishing in my front entryway:
a. A wood foyer table with a floral arrangement on top
b. A wrought iron coat-and-umbrella rack 
c. A wall mirror
d. A storage bench with distressed finish and cushioned seating 
How would you handle downsizing?
a. It’d be very difficult for me; many of my furnishings and décor have sentimental value
b. I’d do fairly well in getting rid of most items, and I’d turn the situation into an opportunity to decorate a new space
c. I don’t have a lot of excess, so I wouldn’t have trouble fitting most of my furnishings into a new space and selling the pieces that don’t fit
d. I’d have a lot of items to get rid of, and I would be concerned with ensuring they were sold for a fair price
My bedroom: 
a. Is a large space with a matching dresser, armoire and bed set, heavy draperies and family heirlooms that decorate the space
b. Is stylish yet comfortable, with store-bought décor and neutral-colored walls  
c.Has brightly colored bedding, ambient lighting and minimal furnishings
d. Cozy is the best word to describe my bedroom; it’s on the smaller side, my bedding is patterned in pale colors with plenty of pillows and I have a dresser with distressed finish
The item that I most cherish:
a. A piece of furnishing or décor that my late grandmother passed down to me
b. A furnishing made from reclaimed wood
c. An expensive art piece displayed prominently in my living area
d. An oversized daybed swing full of fluffy pillows
My favorite upholstered furnishing: 
a. A cushy leather recliner
b. A wooden bench with linen cushions
c. An Eames chair and matching ottoman
d. A cotton slipcovered couch
If you answered mostly As, your style is: traditional
The most formal of all interior design styles, traditional spaces have separate rooms and symmetrical designs. Architectural elements include large moulding, paneling and/or wainscoting. Color palettes are full of maroons, blues and greens, and furnishings are comfortable and inviting, yet clean and proper. Sofas and lounges have rounded arms and skirts, and tables have carved legs. Artwork fills the walls and accessories fill bookcases and tabletops. “The traditionalists are like Old Marietta people,” describes Cheryl Draa, a residential interior designer for people in transition. “They probably have a silhouette on their wall somewhere, and a few things lying around with their monogram on them.” 
If you answered mostly Bs, your style is: transitional
Forming a steady bridge between traditional and modern styles, transitional interior design enhances the former while softening the latter. A muted palette of off-whites, grays, browns, charcoals and beiges dominate, combined with classic pieces with contemporary details to create “an essence of detailed delicacy,” as PIpa Bradbury of Pipa Bradbury Design describes. Unstructured-looking pieces and some metal or wrought iron are also popular among transitionalists. “They love the look of Restoration Hardware, shop online a lot and pride themselves in knowing what they like, but don’t really know how to make it all work together,” Draa notes. Interior designer Kim Majure also describes this style as “Refined Rustic,” noting that the trend for organic or green materials is impacting this design style.
If you answered mostly Cs, your style is: contemporary
Characterized by less-formal, open spaces, contemporary interiors display mostly neutral colors—except for the occasional bold accent. Furnishings and accessories are minimal, sofas have lower proportions and the space offers clean, sleek lines. Those on the extreme end of the spectrum enjoy a cold feeling to their interiors, but most others are looking for a balance between stylish and comfortable. Lighting is concealed, creating subtle, ambient glows, with a few fixtures acting as featured elements. “Artwork is highlighted in these designs, forming the character of the interior amongst a highly sophisticated backdrop,” Bradbury says.
If you answered mostly Ds, your style is: southern cottage
Think white-painted kitchens with weathered/distressed details, flat weave rugs, heart-pine wood and galvanized metals, and you’ve pictured this interior design’s style. It’s popular among vacation homes and those who prefer a very livable, cozy, relaxed vibe. “Soft hues, crisp whites and faded florals dominate the palette, while vintage furnishings and flea market finds add quirky style,” Majure describes. This style is also similar to French Country or Farmhouse styles, where furnishings and fabrics are traditional though a bit mismatched, with some floral accents. “Mouldings are a must, plus walls may have beadboard or a faux finish to make them look weathered,” says Paige Hudgins of Paige Hudgins Interior Design. 
plan it out
Now that you know your design style, fill out the following workbook-style questionnaire. Then use it to jumpstart your own design consultation. 
What type of space are you looking to design? (For multiple spaces, copy this page and fill it out for each room.)
__Living area
__Dining area
__Recreational space
__Gym/workout area
__Laundry room
__Mud room
What are the dimensions of the room? (width by length by height)
_______’ _______” x _______’ _______” 
x _______’ _______”
What is your budget for the makeover of this space? 
Interior Design:  $
Construction:  $
List the age and gender of every person that resides with you, and check those that will primarily use the space:
Age:            Male         Female
Age:            Male         Female
Age:            Male         Female
Age:            Male         Female
Age:            Male         Female
Age:            Male         Female
Age:            Male         Female
Age:            Male         Female
Do you have any pets?     __yes     __no   
If yes, what kind? 
Do they shed?     __yes     __no          
If yes, what color is their fur? 
Do you have any allergy or health concerns that the design should accommodate?      __yes     __no 
If yes, please describe:
Describe the room’s location within your home: __________________________
Detail the number, type and location of the room’s exterior windows and doors. (if any)
Windows: #
Doors (leading outside): #
List and describe any other architectural elements that you’d like to keep in the space, either leaving as-is or changing to complement the new design? (e.g. cathedral ceiling, wainscoting, moulding, trim, etc.) 
Why do you want this room designed/redesigned? 
How will the completion of this project impact you and your family? 
Do you have a specific deadline for the completion of this project? (e.g. wedding, baby, holiday, parent moving in, etc.)       __yes     __no  
If yes, what is the occurrence and when is it happening? 
Think about all the homes you have lived in or have visited. Describe the design which has been the most influential on your design preferences: 
In any of the homes you’ve lived in or visited, what is your favorite room? Describe it. ___________________________
In any of the homes you’ve lived in or visited, what is the room you’ve disliked the most? Describe the room, and why you disliked it.
Is the space you’re looking to design open to any adjacent rooms?  __yes     __no  
If yes, describe what the adjacent space is and what it looks like: 
List three adjectives describing how you’d like the room to look (e.g. expensive, modern, homey, etc.)
List three adjectives describing how you’d like the room to feel (e.g. cozy, elegant, energized, etc.)
the details
How many people, on average, will be in this room at the same time?
Describe the function/desired use of this room:
Check all of the elements you’d like incorporated into this room’s design:
__Window treatments
__New flooring
__New furniture
__Use existing furniture
List and describe any specific features you’d like this space to have? (e.g. stacked-stone fireplace, a comfy sofa, entertainment center/media wall, etc.)
If you had to describe your ideal color palette for this project in five words, what would they be? 
Are there any patterns and/or textures that you want to incorporate into this space (e.g. chevrons, faux fur, grasscloth, etc.?)  If so, list them here:
Are there any specific colors or patterns that you definitely DO NOT want in the room’s design? If so, list them here: 
What wood tones do you like? 
What is your flooring preference? 
__Engineered (laminate/vinyl)
What is your wall-covering preference? 
__Decorative paint treatment
__I don’t have a preference
Will there be a television in this room?    __yes     __no  
If yes, what screen size?
Would you like it hidden?     __yes     __no 
On a scale of 1-10
➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➑ ➒ ➓
(1= not interested, 10=highly interested), rate your interest in incorporating green/sustainable products into this room’s design.
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