April 2012 Editor’s Letter

Men laying new hardwood flooring

Home improvement trends are shifting to meet the demands of homeowners’ changing lifestyles. The American population is getting older, but baby boomers want different things for their homes than past generation. People are increasingly seeking a connection to the outdoors, and homes that capitalize on the trend are gaining added value. Amidst these lifestyle changes are tight budgets, fears and other obstacles that homeowners and contractors must grapple with. In Atlanta Home Improvement’s April 2012 issue, we examine these and other of-the-moment home improvement topics in hopes you will be inspired and empowered to make the best decisions.

In our special section on patios, porches and decks, we offer a glimpse at each of these outdoor living spaces, weighing the pros and cons as well as offering ideas for cool features, care and maintenance tips and more. We show how local contractors are not only creating new patios, porches and decks, but also remodeling existing outdoor living spaces to make them more functional. After reading, you will come away with a better idea of which outdoor living structure is best for your home and lifestyle. Or, perhaps you will find a combination of these structures is the best fit.

There are a couple of buzz words going around right now in the home improvement industry that you may have heard about: “aging-in-place” and “universal design.” Not just fads, the principles behind these terms have been around for decades and are now coming into the spotlight. The principles behind these concepts help meet the needs of aging as well as disabled homeowners, offering stylish home solutions that increase comfort and accessibility while also appealing to those without special needs. Though aging-in-place and universal design may be unfamiliar to you, there are a multitude of certified home professionals in Atlanta that offer these services. It is well worth your time to take advantage of this expertise and begin planning a home that will serve you and your loved ones for life.

Here are some more highlights from this issue and what you can look forward to in May:

3 Things You’ll Learn This Month

Coming in May

Special Section: Annual Maintenance & Repair Checklist
A complete guide to spring cleaning

Water Features
Experience the tranquility

Ranch Renovations
Overcoming the challenges

Whether you’re actively planning a home improvement project or just getting ideas, I know you will come away with some helpful tips and resources from our April issue. Enjoy!

Kali Mallard, Magazine and Social Media Editorial Director

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