Atlanta’s Most Loved Projects

Beautiful bedroom design

Local designers share their tips for recreating five of our city’s beloved designs in your home

Sometimes the bandwagon is the best place to be. We consulted social media’s top home-reno idea spots—Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest—and rounded up a handful of the most popular, most liked and most pinned projects from each. But don’t think they’re just style-centric pipe dreams. We tapped the designers of these beloved projects to dish their quick tips on how to make your space something that’s most loved by you.

Living room design with blue accent wall

Melody Richardson, Balance Design Atlanta

Start with the rug! The first step to a cohesive and curated design is finding a beautiful rug that will ground the space and pull everything together.

Consider texture a component of the color palette. Collecting the right color pairings is only the first step–incorporating the right blend of textures along with those colors elevates the entire design.

Scale is key! Select the appropriate sizing for all of your pieces to optimize balance and flow in order to create a space that is both intriguing and inviting.


White kitchen with open shelves

Carter Kay, Carter Kay Interiors

Create the illusion of more height. Random-width vertical boards on the walls and cabinetry add head space to this ranch-style home, and the countertop’s unique finish contribute to an elegant, relaxed kitchen.

Keep things out in the open. The beauty of open shelving means family and guests can help themselves to what they need. Just make sure to allow for plenty of clearance for countertop appliances below the bottom shelves.

Always check your measurements. You should allow for one inch of extra shelf space with oversized plates, and if you’re using open shelving, be sure there is enough blocking to bear the weight of heavy glassware.


Dining Room with unique Chandelier & wallpaper

Erika Ward, Erika Ward Interiors

Allow your favorite travel destination to influence your home’s decor. The wallcovering features soft silhouettes of palm trees and cranes that instantly transport you to a tropical locale.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on an intriguing chandelier. It serves double duty as a sculptural work of art and a functional light fixture! I can’t get over the mouth-blown smoked glass diffusers and flower petals constructed from mixed metals.

Decorate with natural light. Warm, glorious sunlight filters through sheer drapery panels and softens the overall design.


Beautiful bedroom design

Vanessa Mitchell, VRA Interiors

Give room to grow. When crafting your child’s space, focus on making bigger pieces timeless classics while leaning into trends and favorites with smaller décor items. This  will ensure that your kid’s room is a space that will be a beloved oasis for years to come.

Add visual interest by layering textures, patterns and materials. Mix things like woven wall hangings, leather and brass on a coffee table and metals with natural stone on accent furniture. If there’s a corner in the bedroom, fill it with a hanging chair.

Layer your light sources. Start with general ambient lighting with recessed cans, or find a statement chandelier. Layer that with table or floor lamps and add dimmer switches to create a dramatic effect.


Outdoor Kitchen & Pool House

Karen Soorikian, Soorikian Architecture

Nestle the structure into natural surroundings. Look out your back door or window for perspective and try to place your structure amidst a backdrop of greenery.

Use natural materials like stone and metal to anchor outdoor structures. Along with the flame of the gas light sconces, this materiality echoes and enhances the outdoor setting. 

Details matter and make all the difference in the feel of a space. This little structure is chock full of them, from the flare at the edge of the roofline to the modillions at the frieze to the flooring accents.



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