Carpet Buying Guide: Which Type Is Right For You?

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What is the difference between nylon, polyester and olefin carpeting? And what is Triexta? 
Nylon is the most commonly used fiber for carpet, historically regarded as the most durable. Polyester offers exceptional softness and is naturally stain and fade resistant. Polyester is considered the value fiber, and is a good choice for low-to-medium traffic settings, such as bedrooms. Olefin is the most stain-resistant fiber and is primarily available in Berber and commercial carpets. Triexta, made by DuPont, offers the wear advantages of nylon and has built-in, lifetime stain and soil resistance that does not wash or wear off and is very easy to clean with just water. 
Which carpet wears the best— especially with children  and pets?
Nylon is traditionally cited as the most durable fiber, but new technology fibers have been found to perform just as well as nylon. But more important than the specific fiber is the construction of the carpet. Look for cut pile carpets that are tightly twisted and dense (fibers very close together.) Solution-dyed nylon, Triexta and solution-dyed polyester can be cleaned very aggressively without damage to the carpet. 
What is the difference between saxony, textured, frieze and Berber carpet? 
Saxony, textured and frieze are categorized as cut pile carpets. Saxony is a formal carpet that shows footprints easily, while textured carpets are tightly twisted to minimize footprints. Friezes are even more tightly twisted. Berber is looped.
What is a “cut and loop” carpet?
A “cut and loop” is a carpet with both looped and cut fibers, in a pattern or design.
What is ounce weight? 
Ounce weight (also called face weight) is a measure of the amount of fiber in a square yard of carpet. The higher the number, the more fiber is used in the construction of the carpet. For example, an entry-level carpet is usually 18 to 30 ounces. A mid-grade carpet ranges from 30 to 50 ounces, and higher-end carpets are 60 ounces and up. 
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