Day 3 of 30 Days & 30 Ways to Give Your Home Some Love – 5 Ways to Stay Cool with Melissa Galt Interiors

Sheer white window curtains in kitchen setting

By Best Self Staffer Wyndi Kappes


For day 3, Melissa Galt of Melissa Galt Interiors shares her best advice on simple ways to keep your indoor and outdoor areas cool this summer.


1) Reduce intruding summer sun with sheer window coverings
Keep indoor temperatures from rising and lower your utility bill costs by using sheer curtains. “While you want the light, you don’t want the heat and the glare,” Galt says. “Adding a lightweight sheer to your window, even over blinds or shades, can work magic.”

2) Keep your feet cool with a stylish outdoor rug White sheer curtains over a kitchen window
Decks and patios can heat up fast in the Georgia sun. Galt says, “Leveraging a rug will keep it cooler underfoot when you are outdoors and give you a chance to bring a punch of color to the party.”

3) Cover up with oversized umbrellas
Keep sunburn at bay with your own man-made shade. “Umbrellas come plain and fancy, elegantly neutral or whimsically colorful. They are both practical and decorative,” Galt says. “Have fun with this and get a sturdy stand so it doesn’t blow over.”

4) Keep the seating area breathable

When it comes to staying cool, consider your outdoor furniture fabrics. “While big cushions can be tempting, you’ll be cooler if you go for mesh-based furniture or an all-weather rattan,” Galt says. Go for laid-back loungers and stylish seats. You don’t have to compromise looks for comfort.

5) Mist your way to a beachside dream
When the weather really heats up there are times when an umbrella just won’t cut it. Consider investing in a mister that will refresh you with water and wind. “They come in all sizes, styles, and range from under $30 to a couple hundred dollars,” Galt says. “You can imagine you are at the beach and it’s the ocean spray—without the salt—cooling you off gently.”


Survive the summer heat with these clever design tips.To learn more about design and tips to stay cool visit Melissa at or follow her on Facebook at MelissaGaltInteriorDesign!

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