5 Reasons Why a Dumpster Rental Makes the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Exterior of a home

Not sure what is the best gift for your new home?  Bin There Dump That shares their 5 reasons why a dumpster rental would be a great housewarming gift. atlantadumpsterrentals.net

1. Our Stuff Won’t Fit!

We advise you to pack up and move what is really, really necessary. Lugging heavy boxes around can be a big pain. Sometimes, even though you packed all that was “necessary”, you may be faced with more stuff than you can fit in your new home. 

All other housewarming gifts will pale in comparison to a dumpster rental, as it can lead you to a clean, happy, minimalist home.

2. The House Still Needs Work

When your new home is pretty old, you’ll probably need to work on it before it can fully be your own home. Whether it be remodeling the kitchen, the bathroom, a room here and there or the house is a complete fixer-upper, a dumpster will make all of it so much easier!

A great example of a complete fixer-upper is from Saw Dust Girl’s Maryville House. See all that you could accomplish with your fixer-upper in a few years. Another great example of a before and after of a lower level is from The Inspired Room – the journey from the beginning to end is so different and definitely something that’s doable in a larger basement.

Maybe it was just a bush out front that you wanted to pull – or maybe you wanted to remove a few walls. No matter what you want to trash, our dumpster rentals can hold items like shingles, topsoil, leaves, gravel, concrete, landscaping materials, etc. 

3. Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

You’ve just moved into your new house with a ton of boxes and packing material to go around. You’ll be accumulating and drowning in boxes by the time you’re done unpacking. On top of that, you’ll have some packaging from housewarming gifts! 

Rent a dumpster to put all the extra cardboard and organize your new home while you’re at it! Maximize bin space by breaking the boxes down before throwing them in.

4. Part of the Package

Some realtors offer dumpster rental as part of the deal when a client buys a home. That can be a huge selling point, especially if the house is going to need some work to be done before move-in day. Realtors also rent dumpsters to get homes ready to stage, if it’s good for the realtors, it’s good for you too!

5. The Former Homeowners Left a Bunch of Junk

You can’t wait to move into your home and the first thing you see is unwanted junk by the previous homeowners. Obviously, this junk was not expected and not wanted, so a dumpster rental is a way to go. 

A nice empty dumpster rental waiting to be filled by the junk that’s occupying the house! 

Content provided by Bin There Dump That Atlanta Dumpster Rental. www.atlantadumpsterrentals.net

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