Everyone’s Taste is Not the Same

Men laying new hardwood flooring

Kitchen size, geography, cabinet selection, color scheme and appliance complement are so distinctly personal its difficult to find a consensus. I love a galleyno more than a turn and a step between storage, cooking and cleaning zones. I say compact and convenientothers say cramped, confining and, well, crazy. What those folks want is space; room to create signature dishes, plus a dance floor with a stove and a refrigerator. There really doesnt seem to be any acceptable middle size.
Layout is likewise a point of contention.

Chances are a window above the sink would meet with general approval but congeniality ends there. The battle is between clockwise and counter-clockwise people. Put the cook top on the wrong side of the fridge and nervous ticks result. What could they possibly have been thinking of? is the automatic response to 50 percent of the populations perfect kitchen arrangement. Ones perfect flow is the others absolutely unworkable maze.

Now, Ive never been able to understand unreachable cabinets. Theyre a good place to store things you should never have bought in the first place, I suppose, and they do fill up wall space that would be otherwise wasted. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are impressive, if nothing else, and they eliminate dust catcher surfaces requiring a step stool to address. Are the days of low wall cabinets topped with pressed glass decanters filled with colored water also gone with the wind? Mores the pity in my view.
Baths are more subtly right or wrong.

Perhaps because the space is limited, the fixtures become paramount. I cherish the impracticality of a pedestal lavatory, perhaps to avoid the implied conceit of a vanity. Some insist on putting the water closet in a closet. Tubs and showers in all their combinations and iterations put further unreasonable pressure on decision-making faculties. Then the question of faucets takes the field: Single or double, high-rise or standard, separately valved or single lever, chrome, brushed steel, bronze or gold, China handles, wood or metal levers?
Mercifully, by this point, exhaustion prevents argument over ceramic tile patterns and colors. Sanctuary might be found within the sheltering shower if it were possible to choose between the dozen or so shower door options.

The wise choice in remodeling and redecorating is to avoid making the design a monument to your individual taste and style, to resist the temptation to fly your flag in the face of any and all opposing views. You bet it can impact the salability of the home if these core areas are totally out of the market. But its your stuff. Whether youll live with it for five years or 50, youre the one moving about in the space right now. Take advantage of the services of an experienced designer to tackle the practical problems of installation, or to help dodge such pitfalls as dueling door swings. Otherwise go forth self-confident, steeled against the criticism of those whose vision isnt yours.
Wishing you happy cooking and bathing no matter the environs, those of us on this end look forward to visiting with you first of the New Year and hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday.

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