Expert Tip Monday: Safety Tips for a Scary World

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It's something we'd all rather not think about.

Determined thieves, breaking into our homes and threatening our family's safety and security. So this week we turned to Kevin Wilson, professional  and security technician in the Atlanta, Georgia area with over 35 years of experience.

He recently attended a home security seminar and learned some things that surprised even someone of his experience. And today he's going to share these tips with us.  "The featured speaker of this event was a gentleman who, in a former life, was a hardened criminal, who had hundreds of home break-ins to his credit.  This was all to get money and goods to sell to support his drug habit.  These criminals are desperate.  They will do ANYTHING;  and that includes murder. Here are some things to think about when securing your home. 

  • Secure all doors with kick-proof hardware and heavy locks
  • Secure all windows with window pins and/or other devices to prevent prying.  He said most windows are pried up rather than glass broken.
  • Have good lighting ALL AROUND THE WHOLE HOUSE
  • Don't think they can't enter through a 2nd story window.  Be sure there is nothing like a ladder, light pole or something they could climb up. 
  • Keep all shrubbery low; lower than the windows – so they cannot hide there beside the house. 
  • Know your neighbors on all sides.  One house in Decatur was broken into and the elderly woman next door saw the whole thing.  When asked why she didn't call the police, she replied, "I don't get into anyone's business".  "They don't speak to me and I don't get into their business."
  • Do not leave valuables (laptops, big screen TV's in plain sight of the windows.  
  • Pull the shades on the front side of the house.  Burglars often ride up and down the street looking for Big Screen TV's in the front window.  These are the homes they target at night  because they have seen for sure there is a Big Screen at that house. 
  • Do not leave your purse and/or wallet on the table or dresser when sleeping.  This particular ex-burglar said he crept into the bedroom many times while the people were sleeping and took their valuables right off the dresser. 
  • Do not put your valuables in a small, light-weight safe in the master bedroom closet.  The Master closet is the first place a burglar looks.  Better: use the small safe in the master bedroom as a decoy with rocks inside.  Then have a professional locksmith install a real security safe in the basement, garage, under the stairway or some other hidden place.  Have it installed down in the concrete or get one that is so heavy that one or two burglars cannot just carry it out.  
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