Solutions for maximizing cabinet space

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Whatever its size, every kitchen or bath can benefit from efficient storage solutions that help maximize space. Here are some of the latest options for smart storage.

Linen-closet luxury

Maximize your linen closet with ample storage for everyday items and at-a-glance, on-the-door shelving for toiletries. Laundry stays out of sight but within reach, with glide-out chrome wire baskets stylishly covered with canvas liners.

Vanity variations

Create flexible, visible storage for a variety of bathroom products with in-drawer shelving that keeps small items at your fingertips. Back-of-door wire racks keep grooming appliances within easy reach.

Creative cooking

Utilize every inch of your kitchen, including that shallow space beneath your cooktop, with ultra-organized drawers, which hold all the things you need to whip up a meal, such as utensils and spices, close at hand.

Sliding storage

Make use of those few inches of space between your refrigerator and cabinets with a pull-out vertical shelving unit. The top half can be used to easily hang cookware and utensils while the bottom half can be used for grocery items or even small appliances.


pantry patrol

The best way to organize your pantry is for your buying and cooking habits; however, here’s some general tips to keep things tidy:
➤ Transfer dry staples (cereal, flour, sugar, etc.) to clear, airtight storage containers to help retain freshness and track quantity.
➤ Use small baskets or bins to group packets of sauce, drink and other mixes.
➤ Store older items in front of newer ones so you use them first.
➤ Group like foods together— for example, canned vegetables, condiments, breakfast foods, etc.
➤ Place round items with labels facing forward; place boxes with side out.

cabinet control

Helpful hints for keeping areas behind
closed drawers and doors clutter free:
➤ Use stepped shelving to create space in a deep cabinet.
➤ Use drawer dividers to keep utensils under control.
➤ Choose containers that stack.
➤ Line up pot lids and flat cookware in a vertical rack.
➤ Use cup hooks and racks for hanging storage.
➤ Use pullout racks and stacking bins to make use of dead space.

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