FAQ: How Much Does Sod Cost?

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A: It depends.

Shopping for sod is a lot like shopping for a refrigerator. The cost of a kitchen appliance varies widely, depending on whether it’s produced by a trusted name, if the particular model has special features, whether delivery is included or if there is a warranty. The range in prices for a pallet of sod is surprisingly similar.

Is the sod a basic grass variety or one with high-performance features? Was it grown by a trusted producer? Is it certified? Is delivery included? What about a warranty? Considerations like these not only affect the price of sod—even more important—they affect the ultimate success of your lawn.

Variety Matters

Much like brands and models of refrigerators, sod has different varieties. While generic types like Bermuda and zoysia are recognizable to many homeowners, fewer people are familiar with specific varieties like Zeon® zoysia or TifTuf™ Bermuda. Registered and trademarked names like these represent years of research to cultivate premium varieties of high-performance grass.

Using our two examples, Zeon offers significantly higher shade tolerance and disease resistance, while also standing up to foot traffic better than other zoysia varieties. TifTuf provides superior drought resistance compared to other Bermudas, maintaining quality and color while using 38% less water. It also boasts higher traffic tolerance, quicker recovery time and increased disease resistance.

It’s easy to imagine why these and other premium grass varieties carry a larger price tag and why they are worth the investment. High-quality lawns start with high-performance sod.

Certified Quality

Appliance shoppers often depend on the Good Housekeeping Seal or a recommendation from Consumer Reports. In the sod industry, certification offers the only assurance for quality control. A Georgia Crop Improvement Association (GCIA) “Blue Tag” Turfgrass Certificate indicates the highest quality sod available, guarding against contamination from weeds, pests and disease. It also ensures a uniform grass variety that exhibits the promised performance characteristics.

Customer Service

You probably expect the cost of a professional-grade appliance to include additional perks. Similarly, premium sod should come with stellar customer service. A premium sod company will deliver freshly cut sod right to your project site, free within a several-mile radius of the farm. If you buy cheaper sod, however, be sure to ask about hidden costs like delivery or forklift fees. Purchasing from a trusted supplier like NG Turf also gives you access to experts who are happy to share a wealth of resources, including how-to guides, useful blog posts and other valuable information to help you keep your lawn healthy.

Warranty Included

When you purchase an appliance, the price usually includes a warranty—this is not always true for grass. When you shop, ask if the cost includes any kind of guarantee. Premium sod from NG Turf, for example, includes a one-year warranty, ensuring your luxury lawn gets a successful and beautiful start.

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