First Impressions

Updating A Busy Family Kitchen

John Wieland Remodeling Specialists
Project Manager: Tim Heaney
Architect: Cecilia Winston
Project Duration: 1 month

If a handshake helps an employer form a first impression of you during an interview, then a foyer is your guests?? first impression of your home. While not all of us are lucky enough to have a foyer that is open, inviting and welcoming, there is hope, and these four makeovers are proof. While not all are drastic, they are all certainly dramatic.

Classic, Yet Contemporary
These homeowners wanted to upgrade the look of their foyer while maintaining the contemporary style of their house. The team at John Wieland Remodeling Specialists accomplished the homeowners?? wishes first by replacing the foyer??s dark tile floor. A white marble tile accented with a black square pattern was chosen to lighten up the space. And because the staircase is such a focal point in this foyer, the team turned its focus there. The treds and balustrade of the existing staircase were stained in a timeless, dark cherry wood finish that complements the front door frame. To complete the look, the stairs were re-framed to accommodate the new balustrade.

Southern Staircase
Project Manager: Rebecca Caraway
Architect/Designer: Southern Staircase
Project Duration: 1 day

Done in a Day
A staircase can become the focal point of not only the foyer, but also the entire home. To give their home some added style and continuity throughout the second level, these homeowners wanted to replace their standard wood stair and balcony balustrades with metal. In the end, 90 feet of balustrades were replaced in less than a day with minimal disruption to the family??s activities. Project manager Rebecca Caraway made sure measurements and code issues were addressed to ensure that the installation was successful. What a difference a day makes.

Home Rebuilders
Project Manager: Home Rebuilders
Architect: Mike O’Keefe, Home Rebuilders
Designer: Marty Thomburg
Project Duration: 8 months

Will Remodel for Art
This subtle foyer renovation was part of an entire house remodel designed to transform an existing ranch into a larger, more contemporary home. High on the homeowners?? wish list was to create a prominent area to display their extensive art collection. To help create enough space for their collection, as well as open up the home??s boxy floor plan, Home Rebuilders widened the foyer hallway to eliminate the closed-in feeling. Next they raised the ceilings to give the space extra height, and added a recessed niche for hanging artwork. Dramatic recessed and pendant lighting were added to highlight the artwork and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Project by do-it-ourselfers Joann & Drew Kandrac
Project Duration: 2 weekends

On Time, Under Budget
Like many new homeowners, Joann & Drew Kandrac were thrilled their home in Acworth had a two-story foyer. But after living in the house for a few years, they realized the entryway really was just a waste of space. So, the family decided to convert the second level of the foyer into a small computer and reading room. ??We didn??t want the computer in the basement because we like to keep an eye on our two daughters,?? Joann explains. ??That space was easily accessible to everyone??s bedroom, so it made the most sense.??

Drew, who builds decks on a regular basis, tackled the job himself. ??I basically built it like a deck,?? he explains. ??I framed the perimeter area, and then added the flooring.?? The necessary wiring was already there, as were the alcoves and Palladian window. ??We just flip-flopped the railing and were able to use the same spindles, which made it very cost-effective,?? Drew says. They finished the space with a comfortable window seat, complete with a family time capsule. ??Now the space is perfect for reading and relaxing,?? says Joann. ??The kids really love it.??

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