Focal Point

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Every room needs a focal pointa point of interest that draws attention without dominating the space. Pick a focal point and decorate around it, using the piece for inspiration. If you pick a rug, for example, choose a couple of colors from the rug throughout the room to add color to the space and tie it together visually.

One room can have several focal points, but they need to be separated in some manner to achieve balance. For example, a fireplace and an entertainment armoire placed against the same wall will compete. Combining furniture pieces of varying heights will emphasize a focal point, which generally is larger or taller than the rest of the rooms components. Remember, the balance and weight of a room when considering the focal point.

A focal point can be architectural, such as a:
gorgeous view
built-in millwork
beautiful window

Or added, like a:
dramatic piece of art
unique or large piece offurniture (a bed or armoire)
window treatment
antique ceramic tile
a combination of elements

The bed may be the center of attention, or there may be other interesting elements in the room, such as a beautiful bay window with a great view, that could be highlighted.

Dining Room
The focal point typically is the dining table.
Ask yourself what additions to the table (seat coverings, tablecloth, settings, etc.) will contribute to an enjoyable dining experience.

Living Room/Family Room

The focal point of the living room/family room should not be the TV (even if its a 52-inch plasma screen!). The focal point could be a piece of art, a window with a view or a fireplace, which often will help showcase art.
Consider what attributes or items within the room reinforce the environment you are trying to create.

What is the natural point of interest in the room?

What do I want to draw attention to?

What are some of the existing focal points in my home?

What are some focal points I could add/remove?

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