Garrett Erath – 2020 Rising Stars Top 10

Garrett-Erath posing at the 2020 Rising Stars of Home Improveme

Garrett Erath | Age 29

Exodus 36 Creations, LLC | President

Business owner, home renovator, father—these are just a few ways to describe Garrett Erath, owner of Exodus 36 Creations, LLC, a remodeling company based in Lawrenceville. Taking on your own business in a competitive industry is no small feat, but Garrett credits much of his success to his strong faith.

How do you approach your craft in a way that is different than those who came before you?
I believe my collaborative approach sets me apart: I don’t make decisions in a vacuum and I don’t think my way is always the only way. I like to be a listener and hear from others’ experiences. 

What has been the most difficult part of your career so far? Starting this business was the first major obstacle: I was only 23 years old, my wife and I had just purchased our first home, I left my full time job and the next day we found out we were pregnant. It was a lot at once!

What do you believe is your defining characteristic? My faith and support. Everything I build my life on is linked back to my Christian faith and that’s what defines me. When it comes to support, with how collaborative I am, I know that I am a product of those I spend most of my time with and respect.

Why do you have a passion for the home industry? I believe that every person is given talents and passions from God to use for His glory. I firmly believe He gave me a passion for making old things new, helping families and for working with people.

Describe a project that challenged you. What did you take away from this project?
We did a very modern kitchen in Johns Creek that had a lot of firsts for us. We had to recess a beam in the ceiling that was bearing a lot of the roof load and the customer was not going to have a column in the kitchen. We also did European-style frameless cabinets, a massive island with waterfall edges, and installed nine appliances. The finished product turned out awesome, but it wasn’t easy getting there!

2020 Rising Stars announced – recognizing those excelling in the home industry.

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