Innovations in Home Security

Innovations in Home  Security

While the purpose of security systems is to prevent break-ins and property loss, new technologies take home surveillance to the next level. Now users can monitor as well as interact with their homes from anywhere at any time. “The days of being just a burglar alarm are in the past,” says Jim Callahan, president of Ackerman Security Systems. “Today’s systems report on emergencies and all other facets of home life as well.”

Virtual Keypads

Virtual keypads allow users to receive and respond to text or e-mail alerts from a home security system with the Internet-enabled device of their choice. “Additionally, we can send information that is now lifestyle-oriented without necessarily having to involve the authorities,” Callahan says. “We can notify a homeowner if a liquor or gun cabinet has been opened or if a water leak has been detected in a primary or secondary residence.”

Security Cameras

Residential security cameras offer new functions that can help users monitor their homes while away. Now security cameras can record a video clip when your security system is activated and save for viewing later. Make sure the kids get home from school safely. Verify that the contractor working on your house is doing what is being asked. Then, rest easy knowing all is well.

Wireless Monitoring

Another security system feature that is gaining popularity is wireless monitoring, which makes receivers easier to place inconspicuously around the house and allows remote access via the Internet. “More people seem to be disconnecting their land lines, so wireless monitoring allows for alarm signals to be received in the central station as well as non-alarm related activity,” Callahan says. Wireless security systems also prevent burglars from gaining entry into a home by cutting land-line cords to deactivate the security system.


control even more

For added convenience, home automation systems offer control of new and existing security systems as well as other home features on one interface. Imagine controlling home security systems, thermostats, appliances, lighting and more with your iPhone or an easy-to-use touchscreen panel in your home. Such systems allow users to dim the lights, adjust the heating or air conditioning and turn on a favorite playlist at the touch of a button.

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