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One of the most effective and economical ways to add color to your home’s kitchen is with a decorative tile backsplash. And while there is no right or wrong way to design your kitchen area, these tips can help you find the perfect look for your family’s style. 
Q. How do I select the right type of tile and backsplash?  
A. Your kitchen’s tile color is usually based upon the colors and design of your kitchen’s countertops. It doesn’t need to necessarily match them precisely, but you should confirm that the color you fall in love with in the showroom also works well with your existing kitchen color palette.
Q. How do I select my backsplash design?  
A. With the wide variety of backsplash design options available, it is paramount for homeowners to know how simple or ornate of a design they want. Remember, kitchen backsplashes are intended to complement the rest of the kitchen, not act as the focal point. 
Q. What is the average estimated cost? 
A. The cost of installation can vary based upon size, products needed, and the experience of the design professional performing the installation. 
Q. Once installed, how do I maintain the tile? 
A. If properly installed, backsplashes can last for many years and are quite easy to maintain. (But if you are selecting stone, tile must be resealed once every few years and cleaned properly.)


At Designer World Tile & Flooring, we buy directly from the quarries. We work with the world’s most advanced tile manufacturers in order to bring to you the latest designs and most up to date technologies. 
Our national buying team purchases tile in bulk, which means you get  much better value for your money. Our Directors travel together around the world to source the very best tiles, committing to large quantities and ensuring the very best price for each customer.
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