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Renovating condos can be tricky, and this Ansley Park condo was no exception. The homeowner purchased it to use while in town on business, and he quickly called on Shadawn Zareh of Zareh Design Inc. to help him update the space.

The complex was originally built as apartments in the 80s and only recently converted into condos. Being built as apartments, the interiors were not designed for function and were fitted with poor-quality materials that dated the space, Shadawn says. The homeowner wanted his kitchen to feel uncluttered and spacious, with high-quality materials, good use of lighting and a modern feel.

To open up the kitchen, the soffits and part of the knee wall were removed. Then the kitchen was completely gutted, Shadawn says. Limestone flooring and brand-new stainless-steel appliances instantly helped to give the room a modern feel, as did the new maple cabinets. A mirrored backsplash helps make the space seem larger, giving the room depth and reflecting light.


Lighting was very important for the space, Shadawn says. Since the kitchen is tucked back into a corner of the condo, it doesnt get much natural light. The key was to add light where it was needed, without flooding the small space with too much overhead light. A track light on the ceiling is the perfect solution; individual bulbs can be adjusted to shine only on key points. Under-cabinet lights and pendant lights above the bar also help to add some atmosphere. All the lights are on dimmers, so the space can be as bright as a sunny day or dim to give the appearance of being lit by candles, Zareh says.

Getting the right cooking appliances was a bit of a challenge since the condo association only allows electric cooking equipment. In the end, a separate cooktop and oven were used. It cost a little more to do it this way, but its worth it for the look, Zareh says. It doesnt break up the space like a freestanding range does, and it adds to the rest of the clean, open lines of the kitchen.

Sante Fe Brown Granite

Cooktop, oven
and microwave: KitchenAid

Wine cooler: U-Line

Dishwasher: Miele

Custom maple

Sink: Elkay

Faucet and backsplash:

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