Master bedrooms go beyond basic with luxurious features.

Master bedrooms go beyond basic with luxurious features.

The ideal bedroom is a sanctuary, a space for relaxation and rest. More than just a place to lay our heads, today’s master bedrooms have become luxurious full-service suites. These spacious-feeling rooms offer amenities such as sitting areas, fireplaces, dressing rooms, decadent baths—even mini-kitchens and bars. With these offerings, the master suite truly becomes a retreat from the rest of the world—a home within a home. To help you create your own suite retreat, Atlanta designers and homeowners share their innovative projects and design tips.





Sophisticated Details

Design by Pineapple House Interior Design,

Photography courtesy of Pineapple House Interior Design

Pineapple House Interior Design put together a sleek and opulent master suite accented with luxurious textiles. Pineapple House designer Mollie Chalk Monkaitis explains the thought process behind their master suite layout: “Let the function of the space be the most important element,” she says. “Create different areas within the room to serve a specific and separate purpose. These areas also delegate a specific traffic flow to experience the space as it was intended. Since there are three different ‘zones’ in this space, the traditional bed end bench was replaced by two knife-edge cushioned ottomans and can be easily moved to function as seating in the other two zones.” Dramatic window treatments outline each distinct area of the room, and coffee tables and end tables pull together the sitting room furniture. A large-scale painting and a settee define the fireplace area of the suite.






























Adding Charm

Design by Milk & Honey Home, LLC,

Photos courtesy of Julie Holloway/Milk & Honey Home, LLC

Designers Julie Holloway and Anisa Darnell of  Milk & Honey Home, LLC, created a warm and welcoming master suite defined by rich colors, layers of texture and ample seating. One of the luxuries of a master suite is having a space away from the bed for watching TV, reading, paying bills and other tasks. Milk & Honey Home defined this separate space with an area rug, sofa and lounge chair as well as accent furniture—coffee tables, end tables and a TV console—that provide added functionality. Conversational artwork and low-hanging light fixtures form an inviting vignette, while a similar color scheme ties the space together. On the other side of the room, a tall mirror increases the open feel, and another casually-placed chair and stool create the perfect spot to sit and pause for a moment. Additional storage across from the bed is framed by eye-catching art and accessories.
















Airy and Open

Design by Brian Patterson Designs Inc.,

Photos courtesy of Brian Patterson

After architectural and interior designer Brian Patterson, of Brian Patterson Designs, Inc., drew up plans for a home renovation in Decatur that included a master suite, homeowners Carter and Liz Griffith enlisted the talents of contractor Mark Ordway Construction, Inc., to build the space. Mark created an open and airy master suite with lines and shapes that echo the original 1930s architecture of the home. The decor is kept light to mimic the open space, accented with pops of color and statement pieces such as stunning chandeliers. According to Liz, “The fixtures demand attention but don’t dominate the room, as the warmth and simplicity of the lightly finished wood blends well with the neutral furnishings and natural sunlight. The eye is drawn to the spatially appropriate fixtures that really anchor the space.”

Completing the suite are a generous walk-in closet and bathroom. Closets can often be an afterthought, but in a master suite they become rooms in their own right. In the Griffiths’ home, wall to-wall seagrass carpeting, dark paint and a unique lantern add definition to the walk-in closet, which serves as a dressing room. The master bath is a spa-inspired retreat with a spacious vanity, large shower and antique-style tub. Space is maximized with the vanity spanning the length of the quarter-round windows and the tub tucked perfectly under the slope of the ceiling. Using similar wood stains and the same neutral tones as the bedroom, the master bath complements the overall space.
















A master suite is the cohesive grouping of several clearly defined spaces with different functions into one larger space. Here are some indulgences to consider when designing a master suite to complement your lifestyle:

•    A seating area within or off of the main room such as a home office, reading nook or media center
•    A spa-like bathroom that blends with the rest of the master suite
•    A dressing room or closet, offering easy and comfortable access to clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories
•    Amenities often found in other parts of the home such as mini-kitchens, wet bars, fireplaces and libraries



“The bedroom should be your sanctuary, so choosing linens will feel like a intimate experience. We respect that and know that it’s a big decision. With that in mind, we encourage our clients to really customize their room, their bed and their bath. Whether it’s a hand-drawn customized monogram or the perfect mix of linens, your master should feel uniquely yours, not something seen over and over again like a matched set ordered from a catalog. I think the Gramercy watch word is definitely ‘custom.’ Whatever look you’re going for, make it yours by mixing things up and adding personal touches.”
—Jenny Miller Taubel, Gramercy Fine Linens and Furnishings

“I don’t think the whole bed has to be custom. But you can create that look by combining ready-made with some custom pillows and accessories like a pretty throw. Start with your basic white or ivory bedding to keep it fresh: Shop Target, Pottery Barn, Dillard’s or Macy’s. Change it up with a pretty quilt with some color on it (Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters or HomeGoods), and then throw on some pillows in coordinating colors from HomeGoods or The key to that hotel/spa look is layer, layer, layer. I like to use three 26-inch European shams for a king and two for a queen then a few toss pillows in front of that. A blanket will add texture as well as a quilt or fluffy down duvet at the foot. Voila!”
—Sherry Hart, Sherry Hart Interior Design

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