Meet Atlanta’s 2023 Backyard Bosses

Outdoor Makeover, outdoor kitchen pavilion

When it comes to your home, there’s more to enjoy than just what’s within your four walls. These BACKYARD BOSSES can turn your ordinary outdoor space into a luxurious sanctuary.


Luxurious backyard with outdoor kitchen & poolMeet Backyard Boss Frank Pologruto, founder of Decks & More, Inc.

SPECIALTY: Designing and Building Custom Decks

“With our projects, our clients come first,” said Frank Pologruto, owner of Decks & More. “Our goal is lots of communication. We make multiple site visits to see their space and schedule opportunities to talk about their ideas and hear their input. Then, together, we bring those ideas to life and design a plan that best suits their needs.” In the case of this project …READ MORE


Outdoor Makeover, outdoor kitchen pavilionMeet Backyard Boss Navid Derakhshan, Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces

SPECIALTY: Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces loves that their clients all say the same thing—that their designs have the ability to transport them to another world, even though all they’re doing is stepping out their back door. For starters, they’re a fifth generation company with decades of hands-on construction experience. CEO and founder Navid Derakhshan ..READ MORE

Louvered Roof, backyard patioMeet Backyard Boss Mark Galey, Louvered Roofs of Georgia

SPECIALTY: Louvered Outdoor Pergolas

It’s time to get groovy—and the sky is the limit. That’s because it’s also the view from underneath the luxurious, 8” V-groove louvered roof installed by Louvered Roofs of Georgia. Mark Galey and his team are the exclusive local dealers of Apollo’s game-changing roof system—the absolute best in the market, installed by the undeniable authority in the business …READ MORE

Experience the NG Turf Difference

You’ve worked hard to make your home beautiful—but is a brown, patchy, lifeless lawn ruining the picture? NG Turf can help. For more than 35 years, our family-owned and-operated north Georgia sod farm has supplied premium sod to everyone from homeowners and landscape professionals to golf courses and city parks. In that time, we’ve developed a reputation for quality product, customer service, and integrity that set us apart from our competition—that’s the NG Turf Difference …READ MORE

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