The Perfect Panorama: State-Of-The-Art Windows by North Georgia Windows

(L to R): Jonathan Collum and Ted Kirk are the co-owners of North Georgia Replacement Windows. They are seen here with Duke, a 7-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.
(L to R): Jonathan Collum and Ted Kirk are the co-owners of North Georgia Replacement Windows. They are seen here with Duke, a 7-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.Photography by Krys Alex Photography LLC

North Georgia Replacement Windows offers customers a state-of-the-art window for all seasons. Homeowners turn to the team here for top-notch service and expert-level installation.

By Jennifer Colosimo

Passion is a word synonymous with professions in education, law, social reform, etc., but one meeting with North Georgia Replacement Windows adds their industry to the list, with co-owners Ted Kirk and Jonathan Collum stressing that what sets them apart is, in fact, the passion they have for their product and the values that define their business model.

What started in 2003 as a company selling any and all kinds of windows changed completely by 2015. The two were approached by Infinity® from Marvin® about selling a window that could replace all of the other products at North Georgia Replacement Windows. It took a little convincing, but by 2016, they became the exclusive dealer in Georgia for Infinity® from Marvin® and dropped all of their other products to do so. The decision was fruitful. Most recently, Infinity® from Marvin® ranked highest in the J.D. Power 2019 Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Study.

“Jonathan and I have been in the window business together for about 17 years, and we’ve learned a lot about windows in that time—more than most people would ever imagine to know,” says Ted. “We realized this one window they had built was the perfect window. Aside from that, the values associated with Marvin® (great customer service, innovation and family) aligned with ours, and so the partnership made sense.”

“The reason we sold so many types of windows before was because they each had distinctive advantages to them,” says Jonathan. 

Marvin Doors“Custom sizes, decorative options, paint colors, they were maintenance free or durable, etcetera. But this product—it did it all. Made of fiberglass, it provided the beauty of a traditional wood window, the low maintenance of a vinyl window, durability, longevity and pre-finished color options all in one product that the customer would never have to worry about again.”

One thing consumers do worry about is being able to afford the product on a budget.

“We are so passionate about this product, that even if we had to replace only one window at a time to appease our budget, this is the one we would install,” says Ted. “We want it to be affordable for everybody, and for that reason, we don’t require a minimum quantity, and we do provide a price lock guarantee. In addition, with Infinity®, we’ve partnered with different financial institutions to offer financing with some of the best rates you can get.”

North Georgia Replacement Windows places a lot of value on the customer and the customer’s time, so educating clients on the product and their investment is the company’s priority. They’re able to quote quickly and accurately, handle all service calls locally and provide expert-level installation. That’s because the team are experts in the industry, with every installer, service tech and project manager being InstallationMasters®, the highest level certification you can get. Most companies have none of these, some have one, but North Georgia Replacement Windows maintains all of their crews are certified at this level.

“Something like this is not like going to buy a car that you can trade in later,” says Ted. Adding, “These windows offer the security of knowing you’re protecting your family and yourself from the elements—rain, sun, wind, ultraviolet rays—forever. It’s an investment into your largest asset, replacing the largest surface area of your house, knowing you’ll never have to do so again.”

Marvin WindowsRoom With A View

It’s not always just about replacing your rotted, builder-grade windows with new ones. The sleek, purposeful design of Infinity® from Marvin® offers more for the money. It’s something called biophilic design where people are creating spaces in their homes to bring the outdoors (think natural light, etc.) in.

We know we’re happiest as a human race when we’re exposed to natural light. Infinity® windows’ unique design brings more of that light inside, by opening up your view to the outside, cutting off inches of what used to hide behind window frames and revealing more of nature’s beauty from the comfort of your recliner., North Georgia Replacement Windows, 
1210 Warsaw Rd., Ste. 1000, Roswell, 770-888-1604.

The content for this article is brought to you by North Georgia Replacement Windows.

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