Quiz: How Modern Should You Go?

Clean, simple modern design

Modern design intrigues you. But how much could you, should you, incorporate into your decor? A lot depends on your lifestyle and your family’s needs. Take our fun quiz and see if you should have a full modern makeover…or just enjoy a few modern moments.

1. How do you live? 

a. Clean! Everything put away in it’s place.

b. Somewhat neat, but books and personal items left out, where convenient.

c. Comfy but cluttered. There is a path from room to room.

2. Which of these is your favorite color scheme?

a. Black, and white and grey 

b. Monochromatic neutrals & pastels

c. Splashes of dramatic, bright color

3. Which chair would you be most likely to buy?

a. Wassily chair

b. Eames chair with ottoman

c. Womb Chair

4. Artwork in your home would most likely be…

a. Monochromatic or Photography

b. Colorful Contemporary

c. Folk

5. My favorite materials are: 

a. Polished stone, glass, stainless steel, chrome

b. Traditional wood, sleek stone, slate, bronze

c. Rustic wood, natural stones, iron

6. My preferred kitchen appliances are: 

a. Fully integrated, sleek lines

b. Built-in with panels to match cabinets/black glass

a. Stainless steel professional series with glass door refrigerator

7. My dream vacation home:

a. Philip Johnson’s Glass House  

b. Wright’s Falling Water

c. Gamble house, Greene & Greene

8. My favorite type of floorcovering:

a. Bare wood, tile or concrete

b. Contemporary rug on wood, tile or concrete

c. Traditional oriental rug

9. My favorite type of headboard:

a. Built-in panels and side tables

b. Upholstered slab

c. Platform bed

10. My dream city is: 

a. Tokyo

b. New York

c. San Francisco

Quiz: answer key

Scoring:  a=5 points  b= 10 points  c= 15 points

0-50  You are a Stark Purist. Your space is a work of art. You enjoy the clean uncluttered life. Everything has it’s place and spontaneity is minimized. This is a very demanding lifestyle to maintain, but you probably have the resources to make it happen.  Dare to be bold in your decor choices. You can pull it off! Your taste will keep modern from feeling stark and cold and instead present as sleek and beautiful.

50 -100 You are Casually Modern. Your space is the backdrop to your life and has to survive extreme use by friends and family, while still looking good. It’s important that your space be flexible enough to adapt to any occasion from a 5 year old’s birthday party to the neighborhood superbowl party and still look polished. Durability and ease of maintenance are very important.  Still, don’t be afraid to incorporate cleaner lines and less traditional color choices. These are both family friendly and often, easier to maintain. (Who wants to scrub peanut butter out of ornate, scrolled chair arms anyway?)

100-150 You are Comfortably Contemporary. Color and odd pairings satisfy your need for a whimsy that perfectly reflects your personality. Grandma’s comfortable chair is updated with a great modern fabric and sits next to that stack of books you’ve been meaning to get to and opposite that great parsons table that you use as a daily catch all. Your space is extremely eclectic and needs to be changeable and adaptable to your latest finds.  You are a true transitional, and should use “mix and match” as your decorating battle cry.



Many thanks to Robert Ross, AIA of Ross Design, Inc., who created this quiz. Find out more about him at RossDesignAtlanta.com 

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