Rules of Thumb to Help Navigate a Kitchen Renovation

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Know Your Investment 
Rather than considering the cost of a kitchen remodel as an expense, think of it as an investment. Unlike a new car, which depreciates the second you drive it away from 
the dealer, a newly remodeled kitchen increases the value of your home dramatically. Think of a kitchen remodel 
as an investment in a long-term asset.
Start with a Kitchen Designer
We all go to specialists when we need things done right. A kitchen remodel is a specialty within the building industry. So work with a kitchen designer who will guide you through the process. In the end you will save time and money. 
A professional kitchen designer will be part of the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) and will be happy to share images of recent projects and offer names of clients who recommend them wholeheartedly. 
Look for Quality 
There are many different grades of cabinets, countertops and appliances. What is the reputation of the brand? Does it come with a warranty? Do the research and ask questions. You can have high quality OR low price, but not both. Your kitchen designer will help you navigate through the choices.
Murphy’s Law for Kitchen Remodels 
Most unforeseen issues during a remodel were probably set in motion years ago—such as an ill-advised shortcut taken by the original builder or something that has to be replaced unexpectedly because it’s unsafe by today’s standards. These common hurdles in a kitchen remodel unveil themselves when you open up walls. Set a realistic timeframe and expect a delay somewhere in the project. This is why you hire a professional—they probably have seen it all and will know what to do.
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DCD Kitchen and Bath Design Studio
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