Rustic Library Loft Design

Loft redesigned for a library

Loft redesigned for a library. Tom Harper Photography.Details

Chairs: Found at Outrageous Interiors, the carved wood of these armchairs mimics the rich tones of the wood cabinets. For a similar look, check out Walmart’s Loon Peak Sippel Armchair.

Lamps: For reading light, Michael went to an antique shop and chose a floor lamp with a rustic base and natural woven shade. The One Light Floor Lamp from PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting fits the bill, too.

Rug: Michael found this horse-hair rug at Scott Antique Markets. No time to hunt down a floor covering? Visit IKEA for its KOLDBY cowhide rug in brown.
441  16th St. NW., Atlanta or

Cabinets and ladder: These custom cabinets and movable ladder (via an iron rail) were designed by Modern Rustic Homes and fabricated by Timberland Cabinets.

Mini refrigerator: To keep drinks within reach, Michael chose this AGA Luxury Built-In Compact Household Beverage Center (AGA 6GARM-BS-G-R), purchased at City Plumbing & Electric Supply Company in Jasper, Georgia.  

Tips to make a small space look larger

Michael often finds he must design small spaces for clients with big ideas. He says he frequently refers to one of his favorite books for inspiration, “The Not So Big House” by Sarah Susanka.

• Natural light streaming into a room makes it appear to have more space. Here, Michael took advantage of French doors with translucent glass to borrow light from the adjoining guest bedroom.

Michael explains that designing an entrance from the corner of a room creates a diagonal view of the space, enlarging your perception of the room’s size. Make the focal point an impressive piece of artwork across the room.

Michael Grant Michael Grant

Architect and owner of Modern Rustic Homes in Ellijay, Georgia. He’s designed homes with both Old-World craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology for 25 years.
He believes good design makes homes more livable and beautiful, requiring less maintenance and energy.

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