Simplify Daily Kitchen Duties—Start with Your Sink

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White Kitchen Sink

Sink accessories offer solutions to everyday prep and clean-up duties—whip through kitchen tasks more efficiently by saving space and adding convenience. These tips will help you utilize space around your kitchen sink more efficiently:

White Kitchen Sink by Elkay

• Clear the clutter and get organized. You don’t want to spend tons of time slaving over dirty dishes. Invest in time-saving accessories, like

Elkay’s SinkMate system, that magnetically fasten to any side wall of your stainless-steel, cast-iron or porcelain sink, helping to clear the clutter off the sink bottom and the surrounding countertop.
These dishwasher-safe accessories in clude:
• Sponge holder – helps the spon ge drain and stay sanitary
• Soap holder – great for old-fashioned sinks; drains water away from a soap bar

• Utensil caddy – perfect for a bottle-cleaning brush or dish scrubber
• Hook for dish cloth – keeps it off the bottom of the sink and away from germs
• Having problems with your drain? If a strong smell is coming from your kitchen drain, it can ruin your day. Make sure crumbs and other waste have nowhere to go but down. Choose a sink with an edgeless drain that’s integrated into the bottom of the sink. The smooth, curved, seamless design of an Elkay Perfect Drain® sink makes for a more hygienic and modern-looking kitchen.

• Maximize your time. You rinse piles of dishes, peel vegetables and fill a pot with water for tonight’s dinner all in the same sink. Cut clean-up and prep time by adding a cutting board, rinsing basket or sink colander combo that fits directly on your sink to help you do multiple jobs at once. And if you’re looking for a more functional space to work in, invest in an Elkay Crosstown sink (shown above), which gives you a strategically placed drain for easier clean up, materials that are sound-deadening and a commerical-professional look.
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