Spark Conversation with Your Luxury Lawn

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NG Turf Ensures a Low-Maintenance Yard

The explosive trend of farmhouse functional and smart-home style shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, homeowners are doubling down on extending the inside to the outside with breathtaking,
low-maintenance patios and yards
. It’s an investment that yields returns in family time and instant conversation starters. Of course, the first step is ensuring you have a luxury lawn.

Growing grass that makes you want to kick off your shoes begins with understanding the layout of your yard. If you have a lot of trees, choose a sod variety designed to handle some shade like Zeon® Zoysia. It is a thick, fine-bladed grass that feels lush and soft, and it stays green into the fall. As for maintenance, it produces less thatch, or grass clippings, than other varieties, and it doesn’t require a lot of fertilizer. That means less time working the yard and more time enjoying it.

If you want a grass that can handle rough-and-tumble kids and pets, then TifTuf™ Bermuda is for you. Researchers at the University of Georgia (UGA) spent 20 years breeding and testing this grass to ensure superior drought resistance. In fact, it uses 38% less water than other Bermuda varieties tested by UGA. So, it stays green, which saves you money. TifTuf™ can also handle cold spells. It reveals its bright green color early in the spring and it lasts late into the fall. Trust the certified turf professionals at NG Turf to help you make the smart sod decision.

If you already have the right grass but it’s not performing to your expectations, take a closer look. Get a soil sample and send it to your county’s extension office. It only takes a few minutes and a few dollars, less than $15 in most cases. Analyzing your soil will help you to know whether your grass needs more nutrients.

Once you’ve got the right sod and have determined that it is healthy, you can start turning your yard into a smart-home oasis. Begin with paving stones that can lead to a point of interest like a fountain, garden or sitting area. To cut down on maintenance, make sure the stones are only about an inch below the ground so you can mow right over them.

Robotic lawn mowers are growing in popularity, just like their vacuum cleaner cousins, and they free you up to enjoy your yard. They are battery-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled and quiet. So sip your sweet tea and let “Wall-E” handle the yard.

Be the hostess with the freshest drink garnishes by using edible shrubs and plantings as landscape around your home. Rosemary, lavender, mint, blueberries, currants, and gooseberry are all varieties recommended by the National Gardening Association.

Summer in Georgia is always hot and often dry, so even with a drought-resistant sod you still need to give it a drink. Smart, programmable irrigation systems keep your yard looking healthy and green. Let the certified turf professionals at NG Turf help you with a watering plan suited to your sod variety.

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