Stage and Sell

Stage and Sell

Are you ready to move into your dream house, but you’re not having any luck selling your current home? One buyer is all you need. To avoid being held hostage in today’s cooling real estate market, you need to find ways to be a step ahead of your neighbor.

Despite your home’s many selling points—upgrades, updated appliances, four bedrooms, good school district—you probably have not received an offer. Don’t feel powerless: It’s time for a reality check. Ask yourself what the market will bear, and follow these simple steps.

Fix it up
Buyers don’t want to repair items when they move in. Fix obvious problems to minimize work for the buyer. The buyer wants to move right in to a healthy, working home.

Staging is more than decorating; it’s creating a mood. The purpose is to make your home look bigger, brighter, cleaner and warmer. Staging can entail simple tasks such as removing clutter—this makes a bigger difference than you’d expect—or adding small, decorative items here and there.

One of the main steps to staging a home is creating a neutral-color palette, with the idea of producing harmonious, spacious environments in mind. The following checklist will help in ensuring all steps are taken to better your chances of selling.

When performing these tasks, keep in mind that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression. Really step back and imagine how your house will look for a buyer. Make sure your home is not confusing—that the main attributes are clear. This will help generate traffic, and will help visitors visualize living in the home.

Staging To-Dos

  • Freshen up paint using neutral colors.
  • Clean the interior and the exterior of the home. 
  • Remove potentially distracting personal items. 
  • Arrange sparse pieces of furniture in a grouping that is appealing to the eye and accommodates the traffic flow of the room. 
  • Organize your closets and kitchen cabinets—neatly stack dishes, make sure jar labels are be facing outward, neatly fold and stack shirts, etc.
  • Set the table for dinner.
  • In the bathroom, tie the towels with a ribbon and put scented soap in the room.
  • For the finishing touch, layer with accessories. For instance, on a side table, you can have a lamp, flower arrangement and a book near a small box.
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