The Family-Owned Appliance Company You Need To Know

From dishwashers to refrigerators, steam ovens, and more, Georgia Kitchens has top-notch equipment for your kitchen.

One disclaimer about working with Georgia Kitchens: everyone is going to have a good time. The family behind this business has spent their entire lives learning how to make it so—studying the ins and outs of appliances, learning how to make each job go smoothly and doing both with the people they love. Their camaraderie and knowledge makes a dedication to customer service second nature, and as a result, they’ve set an industry bar for the remodel experience that makes founder (and dad) Joe LaBoon proud.

In 1992, Georgia Kitchens began as a one-man show out of LaBoon’s garage, but soon his sons, Joe LaBoon Jr. and Landon LaBoon, were in the truck with Dad, visiting builder sites and learning about installs before they were out of elementary school. By the time they were 20, they already had almost 15 years of appliance experience, and eventually chose the family business for themselves as well.

“It’s just in our blood,” says LaBoon Jr., who doesn’t have an official title. To no one’s chagrin, they’ve never had titles, and they all do each other’s jobs. “The work we put in early on, and seeing what we’ve done now that we’re running everything makes me proud to be a part of a family business.”

Today, Georgia Kitchens operates out of a custom-built 5,000-square-foot showroom in Buford with the brothers’ childhood best friend, Tyler Christopher. Good teamwork helps facilitate LaBoon Sr.’s mission to take care of the customer completely. The LaBoons (and Christopher) are with clients from the first call to the first few successful meals, developing relationships along the way that add to how much fun this job is for them.

Joe LaBoon and his team at Georgia Kitchens

“We have time to get to know every customer,” Christopher says. “They tell us about going to Salt Factory Pub in Downtown Alpharetta on Saturday nights, so I share how to recreate the blood orange salmon dish that my wife and I love making with the steam cook feature on our Samsung Wall Oven. With the knowledge that we have from our years of experience, we can customize their options and know exactly what they are going to use and love.”

“What’s typically a stressful, nightmare of a process gets fun once they’re working with us,” adds LaBoon Jr. “And we all like to cook, so that helps. We don’t just have knowledge, we share a passion and have hands-on experience with the products.”

“It’s also about knowing the right questions to ask,” says Landon.
“With what we know about construction, we can simplify things to avoid technical issues. We also have built a book of resources so that anything a customer might need done— we have someone that can make it happen.”

“It’s gratifying that the guys are still concerned with customer satisfaction,” says LaBoon Sr., who (a lover of kicking around the dirt on a job site) still may show up to deliver appliances today. “That’s the same today as it was when I started this 30 years ago. They’ve watched what I do, heard what I say and they’re on board. They’ve carried on the same legacy—and our customers will tell you that’s why they buy from us.”

And he’s also having too much fun, still, to leave.


Landon LaBoon standing in front of the refrigerators at Georgia Kitchens

Appliance Envy

Georgia Kitchens’ sleek, high-end appliances will make you drool over thoughts of a new kitchen before there’s ever even any actual food involved. Added to the talents of unmatched design resources (and how much fun they promise it will be), the products swiftly take kitchens from pit stop to chic party place. Here are the boys’ favorites:

The steam cook function on the Samsung Wall Oven introduces steam to the oven cavity as it bakes to produce juicier dishes.

The Wolf Steam Oven is perfect for impressing a crowd with crab legs or reheating Chinese food to something better than when it was fresh.

The plumbed Built-In Coffee Machine from Miele makes espresso, cappuccino, lattes and more without having to refill the tank every time.

Cook dinner up to 80% faster on the Viking Professional Turbo Chef Speedcook oven.

The Samsung 22 cu. ft. Counter Depth 4-Door Flex with 21.5 in. Connected Touch Screen Family Hub Refrigerator equips you to be a better host by syncing with a Ring doorbell so that your party music doesn’t drown out each guest’s arrival.

Georgia Kitchens,, 5089 Bristol Industrial Way, Buford, 678-482-5150; Samsung,     

The content for this article is brought to you by Georgia Kitchens and Samsung.


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