Tips for making your outdoor space special

Tips for making your outdoor space special

Backyards aren’t just a place for swing sets and barbecues anymore. More people are treating their backyard like another room of their homes. Whether you want an inviting entertainment area, a private retreat or simply a spot for basking in the sun or under the stars, your patio can be easily transformed to perfectly suit your needs and desires.

Inside out

Just like the interior of your home, your exterior decorating and arrangement can be as individual as you are, showcasing your own style and preferences. From furnishings to lighting to fireplaces, there isn’t much you can’t buy for the outdoors that isn’t found indoors. For example, you can carry your interior style outdoors by incorporating similar colors or prints into your outdoor flooring, fabrics and even cabinetry.


Choose a theme for your outdoor area that reminds you of a favorite setting or vacation destination to create a sense of flow and unity. An island setting, a mountain chalet, an Italian village, botanical gardens—select whatever appeals to you.

Blooming benefits

An added benefit to spicing up your patio is that you can enjoy the view indoors as well. A burst of color, a bird house collection, a statuary, the sound of wind chimes and water can brighten your day when you are working indoors.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor spaces. Have fun, be creative and enjoy!

color connection

Plant a variety of colorful flowers and greenery in various areas.
Paint your fence, trellis, gate or shutters.
Coordinate chair cushions, tablecloths and umbrellas.
Paint a back or side wall to complement your color scheme.
Put up a wood fence to block any unsightly views.

accent with accessories

Consider bringing in a statuary.
Yard art, such as weathervanes, flags or garage finds, can add a unique touch.
Bring in trellises and garden arbors.
Stepping stones connect separate areas or walkways in the yard.
Welcome birds with decorative feeders.

night light

String lights to accent an arbor, railing, umbrella or trees.
Use floodlights to highlight the patio.
Use luminaries to line a walking path.
Install solar lighting for railings, gardens and pathways.

soothing sounds

Incorporate a tiered-table or free-standing fountain.
Wind chimes, hung from a patio, trellis or tree, can be enchanting.

create comfort

Hang up a handsome hammock.
Bring in benches, chaise lounges, chairs and ottomans.
Slip into relaxation with a simple swing or glider.

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