Under Deck Draining Systems – What should you think about?

Jeff Butler, RainAway Deck Drain Systems
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When choosing an under decking company, you want to do your homework. Checking out the company through sites such as bbb.org and Kudzu.com are great starting points.

Find out about the materials used: aluminum is a rust proof solution that will last a very long time. A thicker gauge aluminum will be stronger and wear longer outdoors. Aluminum provides many advantages over other options such as galvanized steel or plastic/vinyl systems. Galvanized steel is very heavy and eventually will rust as water travels over the cut, non-galvanized edges. Plastic and vinyl systems become brittle over time due to harmful UV rays and seasonal weather changes which cause expansion and contraction.

What kind of warranty is offered? 

Has the company been around for a long time? You want to make sure that, if needed down the road, the company you work with will be around and will stand behind their work.

How is the system supported? Do I need to worry that if the system can support the additional load of heavy rainfall or potentially snow or ice?

Is the system ventilated to allow for air circulation to prevent mold and mildew?

Is the company properly insured? A homeowner who employs a company without Workman’s Comp insurance assumes the risk for the workers at their home.

Is the system patented? A patented system assures that the product being installed is designed for this purpose and meets the unique challenges under decking companies face.

Can ceiling fans be attached to the system and how secure is that fan once installed? A ceiling fan should always be secure. RainAway installs pressure treated blocks inside the system which connect the mounting bracket of the fan to a joist of the deck providing a solid and secure installation.

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